Student Payroll Jobs: Non Work-Study

Students who are not offered Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package, or is a non-financially aided student, may be employed as a Student Worker. These are on-campus employment opportunities. Hourly employment wages are paid entirely by a department on-campus through its regular budget.

If you don’t have luck with on-campus jobs, you can also view off-campus jobs by logging into your Handshake account at RWU is currently connected to almost 2,500 employers through Handshake – including giants like Facebook, Google and the Smithsonian – and has over 1,800 internships and jobs posted in the system. Students and alumni can easily browse through employers and their postings in a robust search system, but what makes Handshake really stand out is that these positions can be served directly to students according to their interests and skills. If you have any trouble with Handshake, please call 401-254-3224 for assistance. 

*Disclaimer: The RWU CCPD offers Handshake in order to provide easier access to position postings. The presence of these links does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation from RWU CCPD.