Commitment to Community

The Roger Williams experience calls you to live and interact competently in communities beyond yourself and work together towards the common good.

Students digging up a treeRoger Williams, our namesake, imagined and put in place the creation of a new colony of free-thinking individuals. But for the state of Rhode Islanders to survive, he knew they needed to work together for a purpose greater than individuals. The earliest colonists not only learned from each other, but from the Narragansett Indians, including having the commitment to learn their languages, and to see the world from their different community perspective.

Today, a college experience must be more than training and the learning of facts and figures and students must learn to interact with others with confidence and competence. From being a member of a classroom, a team, a club or organization, a residence hall, and your major, all the community experiences invite you to be part of something larger than yourself.  

Learn more about various RWU commitments to community:

  • Learn more about how our work is inspired by our namesake.
  • RWU In The Community fosters partnerships in to help develop the many course-based, service learning initiatives of our faculty and also offers resources and opportunities for students to deepen their passion and opportunities for civic engagement. Our programming undertakes projects that benefit Rhode Island local community, while providing RWU students with real-world experiences that deepen their academic experiences.
  • Living Learning Communities (LLC) help the majority of new students each year strengthen the connection between the classroom and the residence hall. LLCs come with built-in study groups and have you live in community with others are a shared interests and offer opportunities to participate in special events, on- and off-campus.