Study Abroad

Study abroad is an opportunity to continue your Roger Williams University education while living in another country. Study abroad is not merely a travel experience, but an academic experience (first and foremost) in an international setting.

Our world has become increasingly inter-related and learning about globalization and intercultural perspectives is necessary for success in our communities and our workplace. Study abroad is relevant and meaningful for students in any academic discipline. Yes, that is correct! Study abroad is appropriate, no matter what your academic major is.

Students who participate in a meaningful international experience develop skills, attitudes and characteristics that can significantly enhance academic goals, career path and personal life. Study abroad is commonly referred to as an astounding, life-changing experience, above and beyond the initial expectations of the participant. An experience that will challenge you, change you and motivate you; study abroad is well worth the time, money, and effort students put into it.

It is not just for those fluent in a foreign language and it is not simply a vacation. Study abroad is for everyone who wants to grow personally, understand academic topics from an international perspective and wants to prepare for a meaningful career. Study abroad is for anyone interested in getting the most out of the RWU experience!