FIT Jobs

The FIT program is a three-year opportunity for rising sophomores at RWU. You’ll have the chance to build your resume with meaningful, hands-on experience right on campus – and be paid to do it! You’ll work with a faculty or staff mentor in a role related to your academic work, watching your role expand with your knowledge base and experience level. This is a real job with realistic work expectations.

FIT Jobs are listed below. These jobs are only open to rising sophomores eligible for federal work-study through their financial aid package. For a listing of general Student Work-Study Postings, click here: Student Work-Study Positions.

Program Benefits

  • Three-year participation allows for a progression of meaningful work experience
  • Positions that expand in responsibility as students’ expertise and experience levels increase
  • Insightful workshops with faculty and staff mentors on topics such as networking, leadership and career planning

What does this mean for you?

  • Hands-on experience in your field, helping you develop as a professional
  • Mentorship and guidance from your faculty/staff supervisor
  • A competitive wage with yearly increases

Application Materials

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