College Admission Tips and Advice

The admission staff at RWU is not only here to help you explore our community; we also want to be a trusted resource for you as you navigate your college search. Here, we compile helpful articles that offer insider tips and tricks, best practices, and behind-the-scenes insight into the admission process. Keep checking back for new articles and let us know what else you’d like to see here!

  • Tips to Start Your Application

    Amanda Marsili, Dean of Admission

    The earlier you start thinking about and familiarizing yourself with the application, the smoother the process will be. At RWU, we accept the Common App. Here are some tips to get you started

  • Make the Most of Your Summer College Visits

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    When we think of summertime we tend to think of beach trips, BBQs, concerts… why not add college visits to that list? That’s right, summer can be an excellent time to visit college campuses. The weather is more likely to be nice, you don’t have to worry about missing school or practice, and it can be easier for families to get time off to make the trip.

  • What are Powerful Combinations?

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    When I go to the movie theater, I like to get popcorn and Reese’s Pieces – one without the other won’t do (in my opinion!). It’s all about the salty and sweet combination. Life is a lot like this –

  • Let Your College Search Be Exciting

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    There are thousands of incredible colleges in the United States, and so many amazing opportunities for what you might want to learn, experiences you can have, and ways you can be involved and pursue

  • Starting Your College Search is Easier Than You Think

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    A common mistake I see students make is starting their college search and planning too late. Life gets busy and deadlines get close, and the last thing you want to do is rush the process. "College Search" may seem like a daunting term, but think of it as simply as brainstorming your dream environment and exploring future opportunities.

  • So, You’ve Started Your College Search…

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    It's an exciting time to be thinking about the next steps in your journey. One of the challenges (and benefits) of your college search is that many people in your life will start asking you "What schools are you looking at?" and "What are you going to major in?" Unfortunately, it's easy for these questions to add a layer of anxiousness. Here are some tips for staying intentional and well-paced in your college search.

  • How to Take Your College Search to Expert Level

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    At this point you’ve likely done a lot of research, spoken with friends, family, and your school counselor about different colleges, and perhaps even visited some campuses. You probably have a good idea of the kinds of programs and campus setting you’re looking for. So, let’s take your search up a notch ... to an expert level!

  • Expert Tips for Writing a Fantastic Essay

    Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

    No matter where admission professionals go, the college essay tends to be the most talked about component of the college application. The essay can affect your admission decision or scholarships awarded. But how much weight the essay has will depend on the individual applicant, and on each college’s admission process. Here, we share a few tips on crafting a great essay.