Get Involved

Here at RWU we have a strong belief that the college experience includes more than just attending classes. We believe that students have the ability to find ways to make a difference in our community, create change, and bring excitement to our campus through their involvements.

Getting and staying involved is one of the most important things you can do while in college. “Involvement” is defined as any activity outside the classroom which enhances and contributes to student learning (Astin, 1993). We support all types of involvement, from being a member of a student organization, a club, to conducting research with a faculty member, or going on an Alternative Spring Break trip. It does not matter how you are involved, we simply want to see you find your place here in Bristol! 

Create Community

We talk a lot about community here at RWU and there is no better way than getting involved in student clubs, organizations and campus programs in order to connect to the many different types of students we have here on our campus.  We know that getting involved helps you discover new friends with similar interests, or you find ways to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Have fun and add your special and unique personality to our campus culture!

Find Your Passions

We know that your college experience will be richer if you're involved. Don't be afraid to try something new!  If you don't like it, move on and discover a new passion!  Perhaps you are looking to explore a new area of study or career field; joining a student organization along those lines is a great way to learn about it before becoming committed. Can't find a group with a purpose that defines where your interests lie? That's okay! It is very easy to start your own student club and more than likely there are lots of other students here with the same passions.

Learn New Skills

We know that you're here to study, get a degree and then begin your career as a member of our workforce. When you go to apply for internships and your first career out of college, what is going to make you look like a more qualified candidate? Our clubs and organizations provide a great opportunity for you to develop leadership skills, work with real world vendors, artists and agencies in our local community, and take what you learn in the classroom and actually practice it in real world programming, fundraising or problem solving.