Hiatus Information

Sometimes students need to take a break from their college career for a variety of reasons. The list below serves as a useful reference for where to start and what to do, if you need to leave or return to RWU. 

Withdrawals/Change of Status

Who: Student who has no plans to return to RWU
Where: Advising and Peer Mentorship Office: Located on the 2nd Floor of the Library, 401-254-3456, advising@rwu.edu  
Department of Residential Life & Housing (if residing in RWU Residence Hall)

Admission Deferrals

Who: Student who is admitted but has never started classes at RWU
Where: Admissions Office (if re-admitted, then also through admissions) 401-253-1040, admit@rwu.edu

Medical Leave of Absence & Medical Reinstatement

Who: Student who is unable to finish the semester for medical reasons
          Student who is returning from a medical leave
Where: Director of Student and Family Assistance

Study Abroad for non-RWU programs

Who: Student who is looking to study abroad or Intern in a non-RWU program
Where: Advising and Peer Mentorship Office

Study Abroad for RWU programs

Who: Student who is looking to study abroad in an RWU program
Where: Speigal Center for Global and International Programs


Who: Student returning who was enrolled at RWU at some point in the past
Other Types: Medical Leave – Director of Student and Family Assistance 
Admissions Deferral – Admissions
Judicial Removal – Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Where: Advising and Peer Mentorship Office
Student should request University Housing via email at rwuhousing@rwu.edu