Hiatus Information

Sometimes students need to take a break from their college career for a variety of reasons. The list below serves as a useful reference for where to start and what to do, if you need to leave or return to RWU. The Advising and Peer Mentorship Office (formerly Student Advocacy Office) can also help to point you in the right direction.


Who: Student who has no plans to return to RWU
Where: Advising and Peer Mentorship (formerly Student Advocacy)* and
Department of Residential Life & Housing (if residing in RWU Residence Hall)

Admission Withdrawals & Deferrals

Who: Student who is admitted but has never started classes at RWU
Where: Admissions Office (if re-admitted, then also through admissions)


Who: Student returning who was enrolled at RWU at some point in the past
Other Types: Medical Leave – Dean of Students
Admissions Deferral – Admissions
Judicial Removal – Student Conduct
Where: Advising ad Peer Mentorsip (Formerly Student Advocacy Office)* 
Student should request University Housing via email at rwuhousing@rwu.edu

Leave of Absence

Who: Student meeting Scale for Satisfactory Academic Standing of Progress looking to leave for a semester to do military service (up to 1 year) prior to the first day of classes
Where: Advising and Peer Mentoship (Formerly Student Advocacy Office)*

Medical Leave of Absence & Medical Reinstatement

Who: Student who is unable to finish the semester for medical reasons
          Student who is returning from a medical leave
Where: Dean of Students*

Study Abroad for non-RWU programs

Who: Student who is looking to study abroad or Intern in a non-RWU program (Similiar to a Leave of Absence)
Where: Advising and Peer Mentorship (formerly Student Advocacy Office)*

Study Abroad for RWU programs

Who: Student who is looking to study abroad in an RWU program
Where :Center for Global and International Programs* (CGIP)

*The following offices are informed:  
Academic Dean, Academic Affairs, Academic Support, Bursar, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Institutional Research, International Student Services, Health Services, Counseling, Student Conduct, Mailroom, Library Alumni Relations, Unicard Administrator