Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Jeremy Warnick Center for Student Accessibility

Contact us      Phone: 401-254-3841        Location: University Library, 1st Floor, Bristol Campus

Welcome To Roger Williams University! And welcome to Student Accessibility Services.   We call ourselves "SAS".

SAS works with students, faculty and administrators at RWU to ensure learning and living inclusiveness in all aspects of the student's experience.  We take care to promote equal opportunity for our students and we support our students toward their achievement of academic success and degree completion.   Students with documented disabilities who use the support services available to them are more likely to navigate a complex university, and are more likely to be academically successful.  This is true no matter which university or college a student attends.

Follow these 4 steps to begin the SAS registration process

  • Please gather your medical information and verification of disability. You can view our Documentation Guidelines for types of documentation we will need, and for the types of providers who can prepare quality documentation for the condition or disability you identify. On that page, you will find Elements of Quality Documentation, preferred providers of documentation, and corresponding self disclosure/treating clinician forms

  • Academic Accommodation Clinician Form

  • Residential Accommodation Clinician Form

  • Please Note: Have all documentation completed in its entirety and gathered in .PDF form before continuing on to Step 2.

  • When you have your documentation ready for upload, please go to the RWU-SAS Portal and click into the "Registration" option to complete your Intake Questionnaire.  You will be able to upload a .PDF copy of your documentation from that page.   
  • If you do not yet have all your documentation, you can still fill out the Intake form. Later, you can scan and email a .PDF copy of your documentation to  
  • Once your intake file is complete and submitted, your accommodation request(s) and documentation will be reviewed. A confirmation email will then be issued regarding the outcome of the review. 
  • Please Note: The online intake page allows for 3 separate uploads, so if you have more documentation you would like to provide, please note this in an email to


  • Go to the RWU-SAS Portal to:
    • Register for Accommodations Every Semester, click on the “Request Accommodations (each semester)” link
    • Notification letters are sent electronically to the professors of the classes your chose to notify about such accommodations. Additionally, no disability information is disclosed in such letters.
    • If you do not complete the above steps to officially notify your faculty members, they will not be obligated to provide the accommodation(s) you've been approved for. 
    • Please Note: if you add a class, you will be able to repeat the above steps for the additional class. 
    • Students with approved exam accommodations must schedule their exam through ClockWork at least 4 days prior to the exam.
    • Adapted or Alternative Textbooks: students approved for this accommodation will be able to download alternative materials from their Bridges account
    • Class Notes: Students who are approved to receive notes from a peer notetaker may activate their accommodation and then access their notes on ClockWork ("Activate and Retrieve Notes" button).
    • Service Providers such as Peer Notetakers: register here to become a notetaker and upload notes.
    • We encourage students to send their accommodation authorization letter to their instructors at the beginning of each semester by using this link: RWU-SAS Portal 
    • Housing accommodation(s) request deadlines for returning students will be communicated through the Department of Residence Life and Housing and SAS in early spring. 
    • Housing accommodation(s) request deadlines for incoming students will be communicated through the Department of Residence Life and Housing in late spring/summer.

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