Advising and Peer Mentorship

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Meet the Advising and Peer Mentorship Staff

Academic advising, advocacy and comprehensive referrals are a major part of the program offerings within the Center for Student Academic Success (CSAS).

Our trained and experienced staff of professional advisors and Peer Mentors will;

  • Direct students to various resources and information to help them transition to college and meet academic goals
  • Meet regularly with students to help keep them on track
  • Provide guidance on choosing the right major for ALL students with an emphasis on undecided students and students who are questioning their major.

Here are some additional ways CSAS will support a student's success:

  • GPA calculations to help you determine how you need to do in each of your classes to meet your GPA goals.  This is particularly helpful to students who need to maintain a particular GPA for a scholarship
  • Consultation on study strategies, time-management, organization and other academic tips
  • A Peer Mentor assigned to all first year students at RWU
  • Educate you about helpful resources, University policies and opportunities that will help you make the most of your college experience

If you have a question or need assistance, we will assist you or connect you with someone directly who can help.