Academic Placement

RWU has placement guidelines to determine the appropriate entry-level course for new students taking courses in the areas of chemistry, foreign language, mathematics and writing. Your placement requirements are based on your major. View the placement testing requirements for the majors offered at RWU.

Some of RWU's placement guidelines are based on a writing placement survey, while others are based on the results of online placement tests that new students take before summer orientation.

Placement Re-Testing is available online at any time. Re-Testing is encouraged for all students who missed the original May 23rd deadline, the June 27th deadline, and those who would like to re-test and try to improve their placement. Students are only allowed to take the online math exam twice. Students who re-test will be emailed and their schedules will be adjusted if needed. 

*RWU is test optional for admission with the exception of students applying to the Elementary and Secondary Education programs. In accordance with guidelines from the Rhode Island Department of Education, students applying to these programs must submit SAT or ACT scores.