Academic Placement

RWU has placement guidelines to determine the appropriate entry-level course for new students. Math placement determines the appropriate level course for chemistry, biology, and engineering 110.

All students must complete writing and modern language. Students who did not take a language in high school are not required to complete the modern language. 

Click here to see if your major requires Math placement.

Some of RWU's placement guidelines are based on a writing placement survey, while others are based on the results of online placements that new students take before summer orientation.

All placements should be completed before you arrive for your orientation session. 

Placement for Math and Writing does not require any special login or password but you will need your student ID number which will be sent to you with placement instructions once you have deposited. Modern Language is located on Bridges so you will need your login and password to sign in. 

You can find the login cheat sheet on the admissions accepted student's site.