Placement Using AP/IB Test Scores

Students who take Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) higher level tests and score well, may earn RWU course credits that may affect placement. AP test scores do not arrive at RWU until early July, and IB test scores don’t arrive at RWU until August. Once they are arrive they are processed and posted to the students account by the Registrar's office. 

Students who plan to take AP or IB tests should also complete any RWU online placement tests that are required for their major. The results of the fall online placement testing will provide an initial placement, which can be used to assign these students a course for the fall semester schedule that they receive in June at orientation.

Students who receive RWU course credits as a result of their AP or IB testing will have their fall semester course schedules changed to reflect that fact. This will occur after RWU receives their official test scores from the College Board and the scores have been processed and posted by the Registrar's office. 

RWU course credit equivalencies for AP test scores can be found in the RWU course catalog here