Our Finance degree provides you with the analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills needed for careers across the financial services industry. At RWU, you’ll make actual investment decisions by managing real-money portfolios in our high-tech trading room environment. You will learn all the business and finance fundamentals required for employment at corporations, banks, investment firms, insurance companies and government agencies.

The Finance Major

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This major will prepare students for a variety of positions in the finance industry, including positions in insurance companies, mutual fund firms, investment companies, brokerage houses, and banks.


In addition to satisfying the University Core Curriculum and Business Core requirements, finance majors must complete the following courses:
FNCE325Principles of Investments 
FNCE350Financial Statement Analysis 
FNCE360International Finance 
FNCE401Advanced Financial Management 
Four 300/400 level Finance (FNCE) electives
FNCE majors may select one of the following courses to satisfy one of the 4 required FNCE electives:
ECON211Intermediate Microeconomics 
ECON212Intermediate Macroeconomics 
ECON303Introduction to Econometrics 
ACCTG304Intermediate Accounting I 

The Finance Minor

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The Finance minor provides students with background in financial institutions, instruments, markets, and services.


FNCE301Financial Management (Prerequisites: MATH 124, MATH 141, ACCTG 201, ECON 101) 
FNCE325Principles of Investment 
FNCE360International Finance 
FNCE401Advanced Corporate Finance 

and two Finance electives