Business Administration (MBA 4+1)

Designed for RWU undergraduates or students with undergraduate business degrees from AACSB-accredited institutions, this accredited Master of Business Administration 4+1 program offers a convenient and time-efficient way to earn your MBA. In just one year, you will gain the strategic thinking, problem solving and leadership skills to prepare you for the competitive business environment. The program combines classes in core business disciplines at our state-of-the-art Metro Campus in Providence with a required internship and international study to give you practical real-world experience both at home and on the global stage.

Degree Requirements

Business Administration (MBA 4+1)

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A total of 36 credits is required to complete the MBA. This includes a mandatory internship as well as an international experience and two electives. For those accepted as RWU seniors, three graduate credits taken in the senior year under academic advisement would count toward the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree, providing that they have a free elective slot available for this purpose. Elective courses in the program will be available through the Gabelli School as well as through the other professional schools at Roger Williams University, inclusive of the School of Justice Studies and the School of Law, in topics such as leadership, public administration, intellectual property and financial regulation.

In addition to the for-credit coursework in the MBA program, students must complete a sequence of Roger’s Review during the summer between the undergraduate senior year and commencement of the MBA program. Roger’s Review is intended to provide students with a review of specific areas within business in order to fully prepare them to engage in the MBA program. The planned sequence of coverages includes basic elements of Excel, accounting, finance, and economics. The review sequence is a non-credit offering and students

will have basic tools materials in each of these areas available to them throughout the MBA program. Topics covered will include the following:

  • Excel Basics
  • Accounting Statements-Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows
  • Basic Economics Review-National economy, fiscal and monetary policy and the Federal Reserve system
  • Basic Finance Review-Use of Time Value of Money: FV Function/PV Function

Roger’s Review will be offered over a period of several days in the late summer and combined with an MBA orientation. All students must complete the orientation and the non-credit Roger’s Review sequence in order to start the full MBA in the 2. fall. The sequence is only open to students who have been accepted to the MBA program.

Applying to the Master of Business Administration Program

Students should possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 to apply. Depending on level of academic performance, students may be asked to take the GMAT or GRE in order to strengthen their case for admission. Each application will be reviewed using a portfolio approach, i.e. all parts of the application will be considered inclusive of grades and trend of grades, letters of recommendation, the personal statement and other information that candidates for admission may wish to submit. Applications are accepted for fall start only.

To apply, applicants must submit the following documents to the Office Graduate Admission:

  1. Official transcripts of all undergraduate records
  2. Personal statement (two double-spaced pages maximum) describing the purpose for obtaining the MBA
  3. Two letters of recommendation attesting to academic accomplishments and potential to succeed in graduate school
  4. Completed application form accompanied by the application fee

MBA Core Required Courses

MGMT524Ethical Leadership of Organizations
ACCTG505Financial and Managerial Accounting
MGMT510Data Analytics for Business
ECON550Managerial Economics
MRKT520Decisions in Marketing Management
FNCE550Corporate Finance
IB540Global Business
MGMT599Strategic Management
BUSN569Graduate Internship
BUSN590International Experience

To read more about our academic offerings, or to view full course descriptions, please refer to our University Catalog.

Applications to the program are due by December 1st for priority consideration for the senior spring semester. Students interested in the 4+1 option should be current students with a major in the Gabelli School of Business or minoring in Business at RWU to be considered.

To apply, applicants must submit the following items to the Office of Graduate Admission:

  1. Completed application form. An application fee is not required for RWU students. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission for your fee waiver code. 
  2. Letter of Intent (no more than two double-spaced pages) describing your interest in the MBA program, career goals, and how you can positively contribute to the graduate program at Roger Williams University.
  3. Two(2) letters of recommendation attesting to your potential to succeed in graduate school. Send a request to your recommenders.
  4. Official transcripts from RWU will be obtained from the Registrar’s Office by the Office of Graduate Admission at RWU. Students do not have to request transcripts.

It is recommended that students present at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA in order to be considered for admission to the 4+1 program. Students may be asked to take the GMAT or GRE in order to strengthen their case for admission. A request for a GMAT/ GRE waiver may be submitted as part of the application process. In general, applicants must possess at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA in order  to be considered for this waiver. Beta Gamma Sigma members will receive automatic waivers of standardized testing requirements. The ETS School Code for Roger Williams University is 3729. 

Each application will be reviewed using a portfolio approach - all parts of the application will be considered, inclusive of grades and trend of grades, letters of recommendation, the letter of intent, and other information that candidates for admission may wish to submit.

Read more about the application process and how to submit your materials

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Francesca Montemarano working on a project

Master of Business

Francesca Montemarano, RWU Class of 2018
Business Administration (MBA 4+1)

Francesca Montemarano will be among the first to graduate from RWU's accelerated 4+1 Master of Business Administration program. The career options an M.B.A. provides and the convenience of obtaining it in a single year were the deciding factors for enrolling in the program.

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Quick Facts

  • Credits: 36 (plus a four-day summer review and orientation)
  • Time to Completion: One calendar year
  • Delivery Method: In-class (16 weeks)
  • Start Term: Fall (Spring start for RWU Seniors)
  • Course Load: Full-time only
  • Tuition: $860/credit (projected) plus the $500 Roger's Review Summer Workshop
  • Campus Location: Providence, RI
  • Preferred Application Deadline: November 1