Advancing Women in Business

The business world needs more powerful women leaders. Research has shown that organizations with diverse management and leadership ranks are more successful. Those of us at the Gabelli School of Business at RWU are keenly aware of this and we are committed and passionate about our role and opportunity to shape these future leaders.

Women mingle at conferenceAt GSB, we are very engaged in providing opportunities for women to learn from women business practitioners how best to work toward success. Through activities such as our ‘Ignite’ conference, our women students are offered ways to network with fellow students and alumnae to learn best practices that apply to early career professionals.

Women in Business Student Organization (WIB)

Women In Business club logoJoin the Women in Business student organization at RWU - an inclusive, supportive, and productive group of women and women-identified business students.  As a member, you will benefit from a host of opportunities—including, guest speaking sessions, networking, and experiential opportunities designed to support your personal and professional development as a future woman business leader.  

Women in Business

In Their Own Words

Women Business students share stories of their GSB experiences. Read more about these students, and how they're leading and excelling at GSB. 

Joy '21, Business Management

"There are constantly new opportunities to get involved in different ways."

Avery '22, Economics & Finance

"I got to hear from alumni members on what they learned in the industry."

"A lot of people are looking for experience, and you can’t get experience unless you get a job or do an internship. The RWU Finance program offers both. CAFE replicates industry, so you get real-time, industry-like hands-on experience. This has been one of the most beneficial things I’ve done in my four years in college." 

Carla Puchini, Class of 2017 
Associate at Goldman Sachs, New York, N.Y.

“At GSB, you are not just a number. You aren’t competing against a pool of students where your voice is not being heard. If you work hard and you want to do something, your professors, deans, and counselors help you find opportunities and support your goals.”

Rameesa Wajid, Class of 2024

“As a female leader I feel as though I have an obligation to not only represent the Women in Business, but also empower others to join me in taking leadership roles. I want to provide women the opportunity to be leaders — not just follow in my lead.”

Brianna Celano, Class of 2023

“I’m excited about being surrounded by other inspirational women. It is so great to work with these women and tackle these challenges together.”

Amelia Pickard, Class of 2025

"We design these opportunities to address career issues that are most relevant to women planning the transition from college to their first professional position. GSB alumnae succeed and are always glad to work with our students to help them do so as well."

Susan McTiernan, D.B.A.
Mario J. Gabelli School of Business Faculty

IGNITE: Accelerating Women’s Success at Work

Ignite Conference Flyer2023 Conference: Identify and Market Your Value

October 25, 2023
2:30-4:30 p.m.
GHH 106

Join RWU's Women In Business Club for an interactive workshop with career coach and author, Beth Carter! Learn how to identify and market your value in the workforce at this Ignite Conference.

  • Learn how to negotiate effectively

  • Understand the importance of identifying and marketing your value

  • Build your personal brand

  • Prepare a SWOT analysis of yourself

  • Craft your unique value proposition (UVP)

  • Define your core values 

Students in the audience at IGNITE 2022To help women students prepare for a successful transition into professional careers, GSB offers opportunities for students to learn from and network with leading women business practitioners from a variety of careers.  

The annual women's conference, Ignite, features accomplished professional women who guide GSB women in developing key professional skills such as negotiating salaries, managing careers, and growing a greater presence in business. 

Our popular Women In Business club serves and promotes the interests of our women students and provides networking and social and professional development opportunities focused on potential women leaders.