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The Bridges learning environment, powered by Sakai, is an open-source course management system that facilitates the creation of sophisticated web-based instructional materials.  Bridges provides the academic community with a single environment to manage courses, build e-portfolios for teaching, learning and assessment, while supporting collaboration with colleagues on research, projects and various other university activities.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please email or call (401) 254-3187.

--CSALT² Instructional Design & Technologies

To access limited Colleague information from off campus use your RWU credentials to access RogerCentral.  Once logged into RogerCentral, use the navigation bar to navigate to the desired Student, Faculty, or Employee information.  For additional assistance with Colleague related services, please visit our support portal at

To request delivery or support, please visit our support portal  To report a problem in a classroom, please call 401-254-6363.

Classroom services include the acquisition, distribution and maintenance of technology equipment in RWU classrooms.  The department will deliver and set up equipment upon request from an instructor.  The CES unit also provides orientation to installed technology systems in RWU rooms upon request.

  • Information about classrooms, including installed technology, is available in the Campus Calendar.
  • Equipment available for delivery includes Samsung display technology, laptops, projectors, audio recorders, cameras, document cameras, and portable PA systems.
  • IT also provides orientation to installed technology systems in RWU rooms upon request.

Event services include equipment setup and onsite support (limited).  Recording of special events or presentations can be arranged with one week’s notice.

For the best service, we recommend that requests for equipment be made at least 48 business hours before the equipment is needed and that requests for video services be made at least one week before the event.

Classroom and event support is not normally available on weekends.  Please submit requests for weekend services at least one week in advance.

Equipment may be requested for use on campus.   Faculty requests for off-campus instructional use of equipment must be approved by the Director of Support Services.

Click here for a copy of the Classroom and Event Support Policies

The function of the Desktop Support Services group is to provide desk-side support to all academic and professional university staff and the support work related to desktops and laptops. These services include the setup, maintenance and repair of desktop/laptop computers. Desktop Support Services Group work with other IT teams to deliver professional, accurate and timely resolution to all technology user requests.

Faculty and staff may submit incidents and questions via or by calling our mediatech desk at 401-254-6363.  All routing of incidents takes place automatically to the appropriate support person.

To request computer equipment office moves, please visit our support portal at  Please request departmental moves 1 month in advance and individual moves at least 3 days in advance to allow for scheduling of personnel.


Email and Calendaring for Faculty, Staff and Administration is provided by Microsoft Exchange

To access your email and other O365 apps online, visit:

For more information, visit our support portal at

All forms are available at our support portal at

Information Technology is excited to announce the deployment of a new tool for self-management of passwords!  ADSelfservice Plus is an easy-to-use, secure, web-based end-user password reset management solution.  This tool will enable the RWU community to easily self-manage passwords (Active Directory, O365 email (faculty and staff), and Gmail (students) and unlock their accounts 24/7/365 without a call to the helpdesk.

To register for ADSelfservice Plus through the mobile app:

  1.  Download the "ManageEngine ADSelfServicePlus" from the Apple App or Google Play store
  2. Open the app and select "Server Settings"
  3. For server name, enter "".  For port, enter "443".  For protocol, select "HTTPS"
  4. Select "Save"
  5. Sign in using your Active Directory ("Bridges" or computer) password
  6. Follow the steps to register your account

To register for ADSelfservice Plus via the web, visit

1.       Click on User Registration

2.       Sign in using your Active Directory (“Bridges” or computer) password

3.       Follow the steps to register your account

For more information visit our support portal at

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the MediaTech helpdesk at 401-254-6363 or

To request a phone or get support, visit our support portal at

To request access to a shared printer, please complete the following request form:

Shared Printer Request

Staff will use RogerCentral to review check pay advices, submit banking information and update personal information, including emergency contacts and addresses, etc.


Important Changes to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products:


There have been major changes to how Adobe licenses their products, moving to a “named-user model”. This requires active faculty and staff to log-in to the Adobe Creative Cloud. License keys are no longer available for use. IT will continue to install the application to faculty and staff computers but by logging in, Adobe apps can be downloaded, updated and uninstalled directly by the user. Users are able to install and use the software from two computers.


The Adobe Creative Cloud Application can be downloaded or managed by logging in at the Adobe portal.

  • To sign in from the Adobe portal:
    • Click “Sign In” in the upper right corner
    • Enter your RWU email address and click “continue”
    • Select “Company or School Account”.
    • Log-in to your RWU secure portal page.
  • From the menu, install the Creative Cloud Desktop
  • Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app from the system tray or the Programs/Applications menu to launch or install package offerings.

For a list of training resources at RWU, please visit the Technology Training page.

RWU has deployed wireless coverage in all areas of the university used for research, academics, and study.

We are in the process of upgrading our wireless to the latest standard 802.11ax as the industry gears up for Wifi 6. Maple and Cedar residence halls were the first to get this new standard in August of 2019, with other residence halls to follow in July 2020. The remaining campus is covered with 802.11ac ARUBA access points.

Infrastructure equipment in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Utilize authentication to ensure that only RWU community is receiving wireless access and the University is not unwittingly supplying its neighbors with access that they are not legally entitled to.
  • Ensure that bandwidth and traffic controls are put in place to ensure access to all users as much as feasible.
  • Maintain and enforce the wireless airspace policy in order to control interference.
  • Assume a 5-year lifecycle for wireless equipment.

For more information or assistance visit our support portal at

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