IT Strategic Plan

Dear Roger Williams University Community,

The RWU Information Technology Strategic Plan was originally devised in 2019. With a 3-5 year horizon, the plan captured the growing technological needs and aspirations of the university at that time. Over the past three years, higher education has experienced a disruptive force unlike any in our history. In response, the Information Technology Strategic Plan has been updated to reflect our new environment. More so, the new plan has been made to closely align with the university’s new Strategic Action Plan. Achieving the university’s strategic priorities is central to Information Technology’s mission. Academic Excellence, Engaged Learning, Student Success, A Thriving Community, and Sustainable Futures are the university priorities that serve as the foundational tenets by which the Information Technology Strategic Plan was built.

We're happy to announce two new areas of the Information Technology Strategic Plan--Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the need for more intentional digital inclusion initiatives. The new IT plan includes important programs that promote digital equity and advance the university’s vision and values. Working with our university partners, the Information Technology Department is proud of the hard work done and the work we continue to do in this area.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

The higher education competitive landscape has shifted since the inception of the pandemic.  As a result, institutions are heavily reliant upon data to proactively adjust to the changing environment and make informed business decisions. The new Information Technology Strategic Plan contains valuable objectives and associated initiatives to help the university become a more data-driven institution.   

Working with the university Technology Council, faculty, staff, and senior leadership, the Information Technology Department is pleased with the collaborative process undertaken to produce the new strategic plan. We’re excited about the road ahead and look forward to moving the university forward in pursuit of its mission.

Daryl Ford

Chief Information Officer

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