Returning Student Housing Selection Process

Choosing where to live is an important decision. Please take the time to thoroughly read this guide through each step of the process. As you read the information provided, please be sure to let us know if something does not make sense, or requires further clarification. Direct questions to your Resident Assistant (RA), the Community Director of your residential community, or the Department of Residence Life and Housing (email or call (401) 254-3161). It is important that you thoroughly understand the housing selection process in order to make the most informed choice based upon the options presented to you during your designated day, date and time of online selection.

Housing Contract

Once you electronically sign your housing contract (as part of your housing application), you will enter into a binding contract and you will be financially responsible for all costs associated with the 2022-2023 academic year: You cannot just move off campus. This is a binding contract, similar to that of a Landlord/Tenant lease agreement. Download the 2022-2023 Housing Contract.

Housing Selection 2022 Process Timeline At-A-Glance


STEP 1. PAY $350 HOUSING DEPOSIT: The housing deposit must be paid on-line at For a step-by-step video and audio tutorial on how to pay the housing deposit, please click this link .


March 4th

STEP 2. COMPLETE HOUSING CONTRACT: Student logs into Housing Self-Service to complete the Housing Contract for the 2022-2023 academic year

Contract is available one business day after the Housing Deposit is submitted

NowMarch 4th  

STEP 3. COMPLETE HOUSING APPLICATION: Student logs into Housing Self-Service to complete the 'Returning Student Housing Selection' application.

Application is automatically available once the Housing Contract has been signed

NowMarch 4th
STEP 4. ROOMMATE MATCHING & GROUP FORMATION: Students have an opportunity to log onto Housing Self-Service to search for other students to form roommate groups to live with next year. If students prefer to go through the process individually/without a roommate, they can go “Solo”. Please review the Group Formation & Roommate Matching Guide here.March 8th March 28th 

STEP 5. REMOVE HOLDS FROM STUDENT ACCOUNT : Review Student Account and ensure that any Bursar, Conduct, or Housing holds are removed. Holds can be viewed through a student’s Roger Central account.

*Students with holds on their accounts after April 11th will be removed from the Housing Selection Process*


April 11th 

STEP 6. RECEIVE SELECTION TIMESLOT: Students will receive their selection timeslot which indicates when they can log onto Housing Self-Service and select a space online for next year. Selection timeslots are generated randomly by class year. 

April 14th

April 14th


Students will logon to Housing Self-Service during their selection timeslot to select their space for next year. A student’s selection timeslot is determined by their class year and those dates are provided below. Please review this guide for instructions on how to select your room. 

  • April 18-19: Rising Seniors 

  • April 21-22: Rising Juniors 

  • April 26-27: Rising Sophomores 

  • April 28-29: Remaining Students 

April 18th

April 29th 


The important dates for Pre-Selection Processes are provided below. Additional information regarding each process will be provided during the month of February and discussed during information sessions. 

  • SAS Approved Accommodations: Requests and Documentation due to SAS by February 22nd    

  • Living Learning Communities: Applications & Agreements due by March 1st Includes: Black & Latinx, Gender Inclusive, Honors, Queer & Trans, and Substance Free 

  • Continued Occupancy (CO): Applications due by March 18th   Agreements Due by March 28th **Only for students with 33+ credits

Pay Housing Deposit & Clear All Holds

Before students can participate in the Housing Selection process, they must complete two important steps:

Step 1: Housing Deposit payable online at
Under the "Make a One Time Payment" option, select "Returning Student Deposit."

Instructional Video - How to make a Housing Deposit online

Housing Deposits are due by Friday, March 4, 2022.

Step 2: Be Financially Cleared & Remove All Other Holds
Students must be financially cleared by Monday, April, 11 2022. Financial clearance means that students do not have an outstanding balance on their student account. Students must also ensure that any Student Life (Conduct, Flu Shot, etc.) holds are also removed.

Students will not be able to complete their housing application and contract if these two steps have not been completed.

Room & Meal Plan Rates

Students who complete a housing application and contract but do not select a room during the Housing Selection time period will be placed on a Pending Assignment List and assigned to any remaining spaces, including temporary assignments, after all new students have been placed.

Please refer to the following Rates & Fees pages for the room and meal plan rates:

Student's living in traditional halls are required to be on a full meal plan. Meal plans are not required but are optional for those areas designated as apartment style (Bayside, Almeida, or the apartments in the North Campus Residence Hall). Please refer to the Campus Dining page for more information.

SAS Approved Accommodations Process

All students who are seeking accessible housing accommodations for the 2022-2023 Housing Selection must submit the appropriate paperwork directly to the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office by February 21st, 2022. Students who submit requests to SAS after the advertised deadline may be waitlisted for the approved accommodation. SAS Forms: Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations & Treating Practitioner's Verification.

Here’s what takes place once the documentation is reviewed and approved by SAS:

  • Students receive an e-mail from SAS containing the specific accommodation(s) that has been approved.  
  • The approved accommodation information will be shared with the Department of Residence Life and Housing.  
  • Students will be placed in an assignment that meets the criteria of the approved accommodation.  
  • Students will receive an email from Residence Life and Housing notifying them of their assignment on March 1st. Students will have the opportunity to decline the placement and at that time they will need to select a space through the Housing Selection Process or through the CO process (below).
  • Students who are seeking shared accommodations will be able to pull-in one (1) friend.

Continued Occupancy (CO)

Students who want to remain in their same room/apartment for next year will need to complete this process. It is important to note that all of the students who currently live in the unit and who complete a housing contract for 2022-2023 by the priority deadline will need to sign the CO agreement confirming their plans for the space for next academic year. *Only those students with 33 complete credits or more may CO their current space.

Pulling-in new roommates: If there will be empty spaces within the unit and a returning student within that unit wants to pull-in new roommates to the unit for next year, they are permitted to do so if 1.) All of the returning students with completed 2022-2023 housing contracts by the priority deadline who currently reside in the unit and who are being pulled-in agree to it using the CO Agreement; and 2.) Those students being pulled-in have 33 or more completed credits.

If the room/apartment (unit) is not filled after the CO process, the space(s) will be the first to be occupied during Housing Selection.

Please follow these steps to Participate in the CO Process for 2022-2023:

  1. Complete the Continued Occupancy Application by March 18th. (Applications Open on March 7th) Students can access the application via Housing Self-Service. You can only see the application if you have completed the 2022-2023 housing contract by the priority deadline and you have 33+ completed credits.
  2. Receive the Continued Occupancy Agreement on or by March 21st via email. Each student in your unit who completed a 2022-2023 housing contract by the priority deadline will receive the agreement for your unit via email. 
  3. Complete and Return the Continued Occupancy Agreement by 4pm on March 28th. Each student in your unit/room who completed a 2022-2023 housing contract will need to sign the agreement stating whether they are returning to the unit or planning to reside in another unit for next year
  4. If it is determined that the CO process is being completed in an effort to manipulate the housing selection process (i.e. the student who CO's the room/apartment withdraws, etc.) then the entire room/apartment will be relocated in any available space(s) after the housing selection process concludes.

What if my roommate and I do not want to live together next year but we both want to keep the room and bring in respective new roommates? Who has priority over the room?
Students can only participate in the CO process if all the returning students (who complete a housing application/contract for the following year by the priority deadline) sign the CO Agreement and outline their plans for the unit next year. If there is a disagreement (i.e. there is no consensus), no one will be able to participate in the CO process and all of the roommates will need to go through the housing selection process and pick a space based on their selection timeslot.

Online Housing Selection

Please review the important information to remember regarding the online housing selection process…

  • Remember, you must pay a housing deposit AND be financially cleared (no outstanding balance with Bursar hold) / remove all other holds (Student Life, Conduct, Flu Shots) in order to be eligible to complete your housing application/contract and make a housing selection. Spaces will not be held.
  • You will receive important housing selection information via your university email account. As outlined by the university, students are responsible for checking their RWU email account for important university information.
  • Your selection timeslot will be computer generated based upon your class year according to university records. This means that residents who are Rising Seniors will choose first, then Rising Juniors, then Rising Sophomores.
  • If you know the person or persons you want to live with, you will form a group during Roommate Matching and Group Formation. Once your group is confirmed, only one group member will need to sign on to the system during Housing Selection to select your room for next year.
  • For each Class Year Selection, solo requests will select first, and groups will select last.
  • Please refer to the following Rates & Fees pages for the room and meal plan rates:
  • If you are interested in a single room, you would simply use the system to search for any single rooms during your selection timeslot. If they are available, you will be able to select it. If they are not available, you will need to pick an open space with a direct roommate.

Partially filled apartments or rooms

If an apartment/room is not at full occupancy after the CO process, the space(s) will be the first to be occupied at Housing Selection. Students who are looking for one space or going through housing selection on their own will not be able to sign into a completely empty apartment/room as long as there is a similar space available in a partially occupied apartment/room. The same is true for a group of students that are not completely filling a room/apartment. Students are directed to these partially filled rooms/apartments (e.g. one Junior CO’ed into a Bayside apartment by themselves because their three roommates graduated - three other students are looking for a Bayside apartment – they will automatically be directed to this apartment).


Please note that all residence hall rooms and apartments are smoke-free. Residents who smoke in the residence halls will be referred to the Student Conduct Office which may result in educational and punitive sanctions. Smoking is only permitted in designated gazebos.

What if I am unable to select during my selection timeslot?

The online housing selection process is accessible on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Students will have ample time to go through the process on their housing selection date. If students are part of a roommate group, they can work with their group member(s) to determine who will be available to select their room once they receive their selection timeslot. If a student does not have a roommate group and they will be unable to participate in the selection process for emergency medical reasons, they should contact the Department of Residence Life and Housing to speak with a member of the Housing Operations Team.

Can I move off-campus for my Junior year and then come back into university housing for my Senior year?

Yes. You can apply and add yourself to a wait list for housing and, if space is available, be assigned after new students and other returning students from the wait list are placed (in late July / early August). This could include temporary accommodations. However, in most cases, we have not been able to honor requests of students returning to housing after living off campus.

What if I do not like my housing assignment for the Fall? Is there a room change process?

Yes. Beginning May 2nd at 5:00 PM, students can add themselves to various "Waiting Lists" through the Housing Self-Service portal. The Housing Operations team will be gathering waiting list information for much of the month of May. Please understand that the priority for our Housing Operations team will be supporting students who do not currently have Housing Assignments for the Fall and getting them placed for the Fall 2022 semester. During the summer, the Housing Operations team will continue to accept, review, and offer room changes as they become available and make room changes before students arrive in the Fall.

On August 11th, 2022 a room freeze on all room changes until September 15th, 2022. All wait list submissions before the start of the Fall 2022 term will remain active during this time.

Room change offers will be communicated via RWU email. Students will have a set amount of business days to accept or deny a room change offer. If a student does not reply back to our offer by the due date, the Department will indicate the offer as "Did not reply" and move on to the next students(s) on the list. Once an offer has expired students will have to wait until a new offer is received.

Please reference the guide we have created for students by following this link: Room Change Waiting List: Pre-Fall 2021 Guide