Incoming Students

Welcome to RWU! We are excited to have you join our community.

Please review all of the information in this "Incoming Student" section. If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please call us at (401) 254-3161, or e-mail us at

Housing Application Process

Please review the information below to learn for an overview of how to complete the housing application process for 2021-2022.

Step 1
Access "Housing Self-Service" through Roger Central starting June 1st: As an incoming student, you should have received a username and password for our internal web portal, Roger Central, after you submitted your tuition deposit. For more information about your login information, refer to RWU's Login Cheat Sheet.
Step 2
Complete Phase 1 of the Housing Application Process by June 14th: During this phase of the process, you will A) review the Housing Contract and electronically sign acknowledging you accept the terms and B) complete your housing questionnaire which will help us match you with your first college roommate.

Students needing housing accommodations must review the Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations web page and follow the outlined instructions. Incoming student accommodation requests are due by July 1st.
Step 3
Complete Required Health Forms & Immunizations by June 15th: Complete all required health forms located on the Health Services Patient Portal and submit them electronically. You must also upload a current immunizations record. Forms must be received by June 15, 2021. Information regarding requirements and a link to the patient portal can be found at Health Services.
Step 4
Apply for a Living Learning Community (optional): Black and Latinx, Honors, Queer/Trans, or Substance Free. Learn more about these communities and to apply for them using via our Living Learning Communities web-page. Honors students do not need to apply for the Honors LLC, they will be added by the Honors LLC Program Director.
Step 5
Complete Phase 2 of the Housing Application Process starting June 15th: During this phase, you will find or confirm your roommate through the "Housing Self-Service Portal". All roommate requests will need to be mutual, meaning, each student must request each other. You can bypass this phase if you would like the system to match you based on the answers you provided in your housing application questionnaire. Review the First Year Roommate Matching Guide (last year's guide - new guide in coming in June) for step-by-step instructions for completing this phase. Students will need to select/confirm their roommate by June 30th.
Step 6
Receive Your Housing Assignment on August 5th: An email will be sent to students on or by August 7th notifying them of their housing assignment and roommate information. Move-In information will also be provided at that time.
Step 7
Review and/or Update Your Meal Plan: Once you receive your housing assignment, you can also use the Roger Central portal to make changes to your meal plan up to the second week after classes begin. If you’re worried about this – don’t be! We automatically enroll you in the Carte Blanche Gold dining plan, however, students may also choose the 200 Block dining plan. For other options, feel free to visit the Dining Experience webpage. (Meal plans for 2021-2022 are currently being reviewed and finalized.)
What to Bring

Check out our suggestions for things you’ll want to bring for the residence hall, your classes and your new life on campus!

Pack your Bag

First-Year Residential Communities

In your first year living at RWU, you'll be in South Campus with all of your fellow first-year students, making it easy to get to know your classmates as you transition to life at RWU.

First-Year Residential Communities

Living Learning Communities 

Our Living Learning Communities are designed to help you get the most out of your freshman year by strengthening the connection between the classroom and/or affinity group and the residential community, and helping you transition from high school to college.

Our Living Learning Communities