Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations

Statement on Student Accessibility Requests for University Housing   

Roger Williams University and The Department of Residence Life and Housing are committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of college life, including residential and dining experiences.  Roger Williams University has established procedures to ensure that students with documented disabilities have access to reasonable University housing and meal plan accommodations. Virtually all student needs can be met through the standard room selection process or new student assignment process. However, students with conditions whose needs cannot be met through this process may request additional housing consideration.

  • Students must submit requests each academic year to renew existing accommodations, or request new accommodations by the below dates:
Returning Students (Readmit/Return from Abroad in Spring)November 15th
Returning Students (Participating in Housing Selection)February 19th
Incoming Students (1st Year/Transfer Students for Fall)May 1st - June 30th
Incoming Students (1st Year/Transfer for Spring)November 15th - January 3rd

All students making first-time accommodation requests, whether academic, housing or dining related must go through the one-time only Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Intake Process to become established with SAS. Procedures for requesting accessible/reasonable accommodations can be found at the SAS General Procedures Page .

First year incoming and transfer students requesting reasonable housing accommodations must first complete the SAS Intake Process.   Complete instructions for the SAS Intake process under the "Students New to SAS" section with in the SAS General Procedures Page.   Once you complete an intake form, upload your medical or disability documentation, and receive a confirmation email.  A SAS staff member will later contact you for an Intake Meeting.

Returning students who wish to renew or change previously approved housing accommodations, please see the "Current SAS Students: Self Register" section on the General Procedures page.

Typically, supporting documentation has already been established with the SAS office, but on a case-by-case basis, additional information may be required.  Your SAS Advisor will inform you if this is the case.  For detailed information regarding documentation, and other Student Accessibility Services (SAS) process information and guidelines visit SAS Documentation Guidelines.

Requests are reviewed on a regular basis and SAS will notify students of its decision in writing.  Requests may be denied for insufficient information, or incomplete submission of required documentation.   However, students will generally have the opportunity to re-apply if new information or additional physician documentation is available for submission related to the original request.

Once the documentation has been reviewed by Student Accessibility Services (SAS), you will receive an e-mail indicating the status of your request from the SAS office.

If it is determined a student’s needs do not warrant the requested accommodation, returning students should participate in the Hall Selection process during their scheduled log-on time to make their housing assignment selection, or new students will be assigned by the Housing Office solely based upon the information provided on the Housing Application.

Students must reapply for housing accommodations each academic year.  NOTE:  An academic year includes the fall, winter intersession and spring semesters.  Summer accommodation requests must be submitted and reviewed on a separate basis, as Housing is limited and coordinated in designated areas.

Returning Students
  • Should your accommodation request be approved, Returning Students participating in the Housing Selection process will receive additional instructions at the end of February outlining how and when they will receive their housing options for the following year. During the pre-selection process you will be offered an accommodation that meets your needs and is consistent with assignments that would be available to others in your class year.  If you accept the assignment on that date, your Housing Selection for the upcoming semester will be complete.  ONLY those students who opt to decline this offer may proceed through the general Housing Selection process at their originally scheduled date and time. 
  • Students who submit requests after the February 7th deadline, and/or after the designated Housing Selection process will be wait-listed should a space that meets the accommodation become available.
New Students (entering First-year and Transfer students)
  • All new students must also complete the Housing Application through the Housing Self Service Tab at Roger Central. 
  • Accommodation requests submitted to SAS after June 30 for fall enrollment, or after January 3 for spring enrollment, will be placed on a wait list should a space that meets the accommodation become available.

All requests for accessible housing accommodations, along with supporting documentation must be submitted directly to Student Accessibility Services (SAS).  Documentation may be uploaded directly during the SAS intake process, sent via U.S. Mail, or scanned and sent as an e-mail attachment. Please visit SAS Documentation Guidelines for complete information.

Student Accessibility Services
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