First-Year Housing Selection

We're excited to offer new students the oppournity to SELECT THEIR OWN ROOM!

There are two different types of selection processes for incoming first year students: 'First Year Housing Selection' and 'First Year Single Room Selection'. This page will be updated throughout the summer with additional resources for a successful selection process:

All students who complete their Housing Contract by July 7th will be issued a randomized timeslot between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm during a two-week period in at the end of July. Housing Selection for First Year Students choosing non-single rooms will be July 17th through the 28th.

Eligible students will learn of their timeslot on July 13th, if they are part of a group their timeslots are averaged and one timeslot is provided for the entire group. There will only be around 125 timeslots issued per day. There is no priority given to students who have paid their deposit early or completed their application before the deadline- if you’ve completed the Housing Contract by July 7th, you will be eligible to select your own room for yourself or your group.

Students who fail to select by July 28th will be placed according to their living requests and roommate matching profile- we encourage all students to select their own room as the remaining rooms left after selection will be very limited- first, second, or third choice requests may not be available for placement purposes.

Student must indicate on their living requests some type of “single” room and not be matched with another student via the roommate matching portal. All of the students who do this will learn of their randomized timeslot on July 7th for the First Year Single Room Selection process which will occur on July 11th. If you select a room within this earlier process, you will not be eligible for the larger ‘First Year Housing Selection’ process later in the month and will not be issued a timeslot for it. 

There are no priorities for students who complete an application ahead of time or paid a deposit earlier- simply meet the deadline and any student can participate. Once your timeslot activates, you will be able to select any single room still available. Once there are no more singles available, you will be strongly encouraged to participate in the ‘First Year Housing Selection’ process the following week or be placed according to your living requests and roommate matching info provided through the Housing Contract.