First-Year Residential Communities

Sure, 42% of our rooms have a view of the bay, but there's so much more to living at RWU. Once you soak up the view, you’ll find that the best part of living here is the company you share with your friends and community members.

Video Tour

Take a tour around our first-year housing options!

cedar hall

Cedar Residential Community

Cedar Residential Community is a traditional-styled residence hall that houses first-year students. This community is home to the South Campus Lounge, a recreational and study space that is also accessible to students in Maple, Stonewall, and Willow communities.

Living At Cedar

Maple Hall

Maple Residential Community

Centrally located, the Maple Residential Community is the ideal location for first year students who want to be right in the middle of the campus life.

Living At Maple

Willow hall exterior shot

Willow Residential Community

Willow Residential Community is located just yards from Mount Hope Bay and offers some of the most stellar views of the Bay and the Mount Hope Bridge. This community is open to all students in a standard unit or townhouse setting.

Living At Willow

Stonewall exterior shot

Stonewall Residential Community

Stonewall Residential Community is home to a mix of students from all years. This community is made up of four separate buildings, in a suite style arrangement and is also the location of our Honors Living Learning Community (LLC).

Living At Stonewall