Graphic Design Communication

A degree in Graphic Design Communication from RWU blends solid communication theory with technical training in graphic arts skills, taught in the campus’ most sophisticated computer labs. Through courses in typography, art direction and brand identity combined with real-world internship experience, you’ll learn the best professional practices to prepare you for a career in the in-demand graphic design field.

Degree Requirements


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Students who graduate from the RWU Graphic Design Program will be able to:

  • Apply the ever-changing range of tools and technologies that support inclusive thinking and creation on a variety of platforms and user interfaces.
  • Understand the history of design and its methodologies, theories and schools, including an awareness of how under-represented groups have contributed to that history and methods.
  • Apply and understand research, iteration and respectful design processes, developing effective and inclusive design projects for diverse audiences
  • Work effectively and take on multiple roles in collaborative teams to address a variety of complex design problems and projects
  • Understand how design impacts larger social and political contexts for individuals and communities
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Gaining Experience on Campus

Blair Carroll, RWU Class of 2013
Graphic Design Communication

At Roger Williams, it's not just our academic courses or off-site internship programs that helps us prepare students for a successful life and career.

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