Disclosure of Medical Information

For Students

RWU Health Services is committed to protecting your personal health information (PHI) with the strictest confidentiality.  We will not disclose PHI to Deans, Professors, other University staff, parents, or other parties without your prior consent except in rare circumstances as required by law or in the case of an emergency.  These exceptions include:

  • Threat of immediate danger to self or others
  • Reportable communicable illnesses, such as meningitis and sexually transmitted infections which constitute public health risks
  • When clinicians or health records are subpoenaed by the court in legal cases 

Students can request the release of medical information to outside providers by completing the Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Information

For Parents/Families

Health Services staff are bound by laws governing confidentiality which applies to all individuals eighteen years of age or older.  We will not be able to discuss PHI with you without the prior consent of your son or daughter.  We encourage students to communicate with their parents about their medical issues to keep parents informed.

We will contact you any time your son or daughter requests that we do so.  In the event of a life-threatening/emergency situation requiring hospitalization where it is impossible to obtain a student's consent, the parent or guardian will be notified by the hospital. 

If you become concerned about the health or well being of your son or daughter, please do not hesitate to call. If it is urgent and Health Services is closed, contact Public Safety.

Health Service - (401) 254-3156
Public Safety - (401) 254-3333