After Hours and Emergency Care

There are several options available for medical care when Health Services is closed. Please use your best judgment on how to care for yourself when Health Services is not open.

Non-Emergent After Hours Medical Care

Students who wish to seek care for acute or urgent medical issues during evenings, weekends and holidays may use local medical facilities.  Students must have their insurance card with them.

UBER Health is available for students who need transportation to urgent care or the hospital.  Contact Public Safety at 401-254-3333 to arrange Uber Health transportation.  The transportation charge will be billed to the student's bursar account.   

Emergency Medical Care

For on campus emergencies, contact the RA on duty or Public Safety at 401-254-3333.  Transportation to an off campus medical facility will be provided by UBER Health or by ambulance if medically indicated.   

For off campus emergencies, call 911. 

Students must have their insurance card with them.  Most health insurances have coverage limits which may not cover the full cost of off campus medical care, particularly emergency room visits.  Most insurances do not cover ambulance transportation.

Mental Health Emergencies

Students on campus having a mental health emergency after hours should contact Public Safety at 401-254-3333.  Students off campus should contact East Bay Center at 401-246-0700.