Hawk Link and Roger Link

Hawk Link is a centralized web host platform that connects students to organizations, programs, and departments on campus.

Hawk Link has been built using the latest technologies to create an online community for Roger Williams students to improve communication, information sharing, and collaboration between students, faculty, and staff. Hawk Link can streamline day-to-day operations, minimize paper usage, increase student engagement, and track all co-curricular involvement data. SPLO can utilize the data collected in Hawk Link to assess the impact of student involvement and co-curricular programming on overall student success and retention.

For Student Organizations

Hawk Link allows Student Senate-Chartered Clubs and Organizations to:

  • Be sustainable by moving all organization forms online for easy access and storage of collected data
  • Complete SPLO forms for room reservations, van requests, supply requests, and special events
  • Promote events using the Calendar feature
  • Communicate with group members or other groups via email, discussion board, or text message
  • Store files for easy officer transitions from year to year
  • Create an organizational website
  • Browse all registered student organizations and recruit new members

To register an individual:

  • Click here for the Hawk Link main page or type in the following: hawklink.rwu.edu
  • Click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner of the Hawk Link main page
  • Enter "Roger Williams University" (this will bring you to the University portal)
  • Sign in to the system with your campus ID
  • Browse through Organizations and start joining
  • Visit the SPLO page to learn more about what’s going on throughout campus

Roger Link is our new all-encompassing App. 

Within Roger Link, students can connect with organizations and clubs on campus, as well as directly communicate with their peers on campus! Start making connections on Roger Link now by searching "Roger Link" on the app store, or by going to the Roger Link website


What does this mean for my organization?
This provides more visibility for your organization. Utilizing the tools in the Roger Link app you will be able to broadly publish your organizations events, meetings, and purpose.

What is the difference between someone “following” my organization and “requesting to join”?
If someone is following your organization this means that your organization and organization's posts will show up in their Feed. Simply, it means they are interested in getting updates for what your organization is doing. If someone requests to join your organization, it means they would like to explore membership into your organization. 

What if I am in the Law School or on the Providence Campus?
Events and organizations can be filtered to see just the events happening on your campus. For events go to the events tab by clicking "Events" in the bottom navigation bar. From there click the filter button in the top right by the search bar. Using the branch drop down, select your campus, click "done," then click "apply filters." For organizations, navigate to the organization search page using the "Discover" bar in the bottom navigation bar. Click "Orgs." From there click the filter button in the top right by the search bar. Using the branch drop down, select your campus, click "done," then click "apply filters."

How can I access my event pass?
When you open the app click on the three horizontal bars in the top right corner to open your user drawer. Click "Event Pass." 

What is the difference between profiles and pages?
Profiles are linked to individual users. Pages represent organizations on the app. If you are an admin of an organization page, you can post on behalf of that organization in addition to posting as yourself. 

Do I have to be a student to access the app?
No, but you must have an SSO within the RWU community. All users must sign in with their RWU (@students or @rwu) credentials. 

Can I create an event, form, etc. using Roger Link?
No, at this time you will still need to utilize the web browser of Hawk Link to create your events, forms, etc. 

Can I take event attendance using Roger Link?
No. All student's event passes will be on their Roger Link profile. If you would like to track attendance you will still need to use the Event Check In App.  

How do I create a group chat in general or for my organization?
To create a group chat, go to the chats feature and click the blue plus button in the bottom right hand corner. Follow the prompts to create your chat. 

Who can I add to a group chat?
You can add any user to a group chat even if you're not connected with them. Users can leave a group chat at any time. If you're not connected with a user in your group chat you can communicate with them in the group chat, however you cannot direct message them.

Who can direct message me?
Only users from your network can direct message you. If you ARE a Primary Contact of an organization on Roger Link - anyone can message you.

How do I connect with other users?
Go to the Discover Page and click People. Then, click the discover icon on the top right, which will take you to a page with new potential connections as shown to the right.

What happens when I connect with another user?
When you connect with another user, they will receive a notification about your request and can choose to approve or deny it. When connected, you can direct message that user, and their posts will appear on your My Network feed.

How do I edit my profile?
Go to your profile button on the bottom navigation bar and click "edit" next to "about."

How do I make a post in the feed?
Go to the home page of the app. Click the blue plus button in the bottom right hand corner to craft your post. If you want to post as your organization, click the "posting as" drop-down button to select your organization (otherwise you will post as yourself).

How often should I post?
In general, we recommend posting about 3 times per week to keep your feed current. If you have an engagement experience to share, always share it. Try to post at least once a week to show you and your organization are active.

Reporting inappropriate or inaccurate content.
If you identify a post as inappropriate or inaccurate, you can report it by clicking the three information dots on the post shown to the right, which will prompt you to submit a report. Reports go to the app admin, developers and Student Programs, Leadership, and Orientation for review