Transfer Application Requirements

We are here to help you finish what you started. Whether you are transferring from a community college or four-year school, we are here to help.

See how your courses will transfer to Roger Williams University. Keep in mind that this is meant to provide a general view of what classes would transfer but to work with the Office of Admission for an official transcript review. 

Requirements for Transfer Admission

Students wear masks and do homeworkThe Application 

We accept both the The RWU Rapid Application and Common Application

You do not have to have all the required credentials on hand when you submit your application. You can submit required materials as you obtain them.

Transfer Application Deadlines

If your transfer application, along with all supporting documents, are received by the deadline date to which you are applying, your admission decision notification will be sent as outlined below.

    Fall 2023 Admission

    • Early action: April 1
    • Rolling admission: up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester
    • FAFSA recommended deadline: April 1
    • Notification date: rolling

    Spring 2024 Admission

    • Early action: Nov 1
    • Rolling admission: up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester
    • FAFSA recommended deadline: Dec 1
    • Notification date: rolling


      Initially, we accept unofficial transcripts from your current school for the admissions process. We will need your official college transcripts for any other school you have attended and the official transcripts from your current school directly after your final grades are posted in order to officially receive college transfer credit.

      Transcripts are required from every college attended.

      High school (or GED) transcripts are required if you are transferring in under 60 credits.


      List all your accomplishments, awards, affiliations, employment, and volunteer experiences so that we can get snapshot of who you are outside the classroom.

      The Transfer College Report

      The Transfer College Report lets us know that you are in good academic, financial, and judicial standing at your most recent school. This needs to be completed by a college official, most commonly by a Dean.

      Students point to images in the CAFERecommended Credentials


      Statement or letter of intent. Let us know why you want to transfer! Many student use this as an opportunity to clarify any bumps on their educational path.

      Mid-Semester Grades

      Mid-Semester Grades may be required for currently enrolled students upon request.

      Letters of Recommendation
      Standardized Test Scores
      • RWU is a test optional school. If you have taken the SAT or ACT in the past five years, feel free to submit your test results.
      • College Board SAT & TOEFL: 3729
      • ACT: 3814

      Major-Specific Requirements 

      A portfolio of two and/or three-dimensional work demonstrating evidence of an applicant’s creative potential is required for all applicants for admission to the B.S. in Architecture program. The intent of the portfolio requirement is twofold—to offer applicants some idea of activities you will be engaged in as an architecture student, and to allow the school to begin to estimate your emerging potential at this earliest stage of your architectural education. Consistent with the mission of our program, Roger Williams University is interested in and celebrates the variety of expression that applicants demonstrate. Applicants come from a variety of backgrounds, and we appreciate this variety as a basis for beginning the study architecture at the college level.

      The portfolio should consist of 8-12 examples of the applicant’s work, each piece clearly labeled.

      Your work portfolio should be submitted through one of the following:

      • SlideRoom at this address:
      • Email to with the subject line ‘Portfolio’
      • Mail in a simple 8-1/2” x 11” binder to:

        Office of Undergraduate Admissions 
        Roger Williams University 
        One Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI 02809

      The portfolio should contain reproductions of two and three-dimensional work recently executed in high school or college art course work, independent works by the applicant, or summer programs in Art or Architecture that you may have completed. High quality black + white copies and color copies as relevant to the work are acceptable.

      Candidates applying to these programs should demonstrate achievement and career potential in areas of dance or theatre. Theatre program applicants should be prepared to audition during their first year. Dance Performance Studies applicants are required to submit an audition video prior to their application being reviewed. In order to complete the application process, a student interested in Dance Performance Studies must have auditioned.

      Video Audition Portfolio Checklist

      The following video excerpts may be clips of you working in a studio, or dancing in any other setting, but please ensure that you are the only subject in the video.  There is no dress code or genre restrictions. 

      Videos may be posted to a shared YouTube or Vimeo channel.

      • 2-3 Minutes of Clips that Highlight Your Skills In:
        • Stability / Balance
        • Mobility / Locomotion
        • Gestural Clarity of Limbs and Spine
        • Ease of Weight Shift – Direction / Level Changes
        • Anatomically Sound Alignment Throughout
      • 2-3 Minute Solo:  Performed by you, but may be choreographed by yourself or someone else.
      Other Optional Materials
      • Dance Resume
      • Cover Letter: This can take the form of an informal introduction letter.  The purpose is to help us understand your interests as a dancer, scholar, and future professional.  If you are interested in double-majoring or minoring in another program let us know!  We will have several Accepted Student Q&A Sessions in the Spring; these letters will help us advise you more effectively then.

      Please feel free to contact Professor Cathy Nicoli at if you have further questions!

      International Transfer Admission Requirements

      Transfer students may choose between the RWU Transfer Rapid App and Transfer Common Application or the Review the “What We Look For” section for useful information on how to prepare all the necessary materials needed for admission and the "Deadlines" section for information on when to apply.

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