International First-Year Admissions Requirements

Roger Williams University is a member of the Common Application. All international students must complete and submit both the Common Application and the Roger Williams University Supplement to be considered for admission to RWU.

RWU Commits to an Equitable Admission Process

The Supreme Court recently ruled on race-conscious admission. As part of our response to this, RWU and its Admission Offices have reaffirmed our commitment to an equitable admission process. Our approach to enrolling an inclusive and diverse community has always been a holistic admission process, and that will not change. We provide applicants the opportunity and space to speak to how their unique experiences, perspectives, and strengths will contribute positively to our thriving community where everyone feels valued, respected and a sense of belonging. 

We are excited for future generations to benefit from our close-knit community. While we value the lasting impact our community has on our alumni and all the ways their success makes us stronger as an institution, we state explicitly that our admission process does not give specific preference or advantage to legacy status in the review process. 

RWU is committed to equal access: we are an open, accepting and affirming community of citizen scholars that stands firmly committed to creating a campus that is diverse and inclusive as well as welcoming to and accepting of all people of all backgrounds. 

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the Common Application and RWU Supplement
  • Complete the required essay
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Your most recent high school transcripts
    • Transcripts must be in English or sent along with a certified translation.
    • We must receive at least three years of your high school transcripts. National test results alone are not sufficient.
    • International transcript evaluations are not required, but can be sent as additional supporting material.
    • Student who have completed high school must send along proof of graduation with their transcript.
  • Documentation of Financial Support
    • All students who will be studying on an F-1 Student Visa or J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa are required to submit financial documentation at the time of application. Please submit documents confirming available funds for the annual costs of study (such as savings deposits, checking accounts, or a signed bank letter verifying the ability to pay educational expenses). All documented sources of support must be: 
      • current (within 12 months of starting date at RWU)
      • written in English
      • signed and stamped by a bank official
    • A student who cannot submit this requirement at the time of application may receive conditional acceptance. However, direct admissions will not happen until we receive the required documentation of financial support.
    • To determine the total required, please refer to the International Declaration of Finances.
  • SAT and/or ACT scores are not required, but can be sent as additional supporting material.
  • TOEFL and IELTS scores are not required. However, we do suggest if you have those scores to send them in order to receive the best admission placement for your English level. For more information, please see our English Language Pathways page. If you choose to submit test scores, please use the following RWU school code:
    • College Board SAT and TOEFL: 3729
    • ACT: 3814·   

Roger Williams offers scholarship to qualified international applicants with a guaranteed amount of $20,000 up to $28,500.  *Government sponsorship may reduce the amount of scholarship. The specific scholarship amount is determined by a wholistic review of the applicant. All accepted international applicants also qualify for a $1,500 annual Travel Grant to assist with travel expenses. Students will be notified of their scholarship at the time of admission.

All documents written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized English translation. Please note that for any credential with a required translation, that both documents are required—the original in your first language and the English translation. Applicants must submit all required credentials to Roger Williams University. Your teachers and guidance counselors can do this electronically through professional document systems, by email to, or by mailing them to:

Roger Williams University
Office of Admission
One Old Ferry Road
Bristol, RI 02809 USA

Roger Williams University defines an international student to be a non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder). Exceptions apply if you are currently in the U.S. in one of the following statuses: Refugee, Asylum, Parolee or Confidential Entrant.

For more information on First-Year Admissions, please see our First-Year Applicants page.

Decision Rescission Policy

The Office of Undergraduate Admission reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission under any of the following circumstances:

  • If there’s a significant deterioration in your academic work during your final months of school or you do not graduate and receive a diploma by the end of this school year.
  • If your application you submitted and/or your behavior brings into question your honesty, integrity or character and is contrary/inconsistent to our community values.
  • If your official test scores from the College Board or the ACT do not align with your self-reported test scores.
  • Failure to complete required steps for enrollment by the appropriate deadlines.

We encourage students in jeopardy of rescission to be proactive and contact us as soon as possible.