Math Center

The Math Center provides free tutoring for RWU students enrolled in MATH courses.

Spring 2021: Online Tutoring For RWU Math Courses

For free tutoring in RWU Math courses, students should go to Bridges and click on this course: "RWU Online Tutoring SP 21." On the left side list of tabs, you will see "Math Tutoring."  Click on this tab and then click on the name of the tutor when their schedule indicates they are available. You can also check out this video guide to using the site.

For additional information about the Tutoring Center please see our website.

While you will now see "RWU Online Tutoring SP 21" listed as a course in Bridges and in Roger Central, you are not being charged for a course. All tutoring remains free of charge to RWU students. For questions or concerns regarding Math tutoring, please contact Richard Fullerton, Coordinator of the Math Center, at

Tutoring Questions? We have a Zoom Helpline! 

Do you have questions about how to access tutoring?  Please click on this Zoom link Sundays 2-8; Mondays 9 am – 8 pm; and Fridays 9 am – 3 pm and an assistant will help you: 

Please understand that high-demand times, holidays and unexpected absence may impact the response of an assistant. Please try again if Zoom is not responsive for a brief time.  


The Math Center has tutors attached to some Math sections. The tutors in this program attend class, take notes, run review sessions before tests, and work as tutors in the Math Center. These services are provided at no additional cost to the student. 

Math Center Location
Tutoring Center - Space closed for Spring 2021
Main Library, 2nd floor

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday: 9 am - 8 pm
Friday: 9 am - 3 pm

Sunday: 2 pm - 8 pm

Please like us on Facebook at "RWU Tutoring Centers" for end-of-semester, holiday, and weather-related updates/changes to our normal schedule.

Contact Information:

Math Center Coordinator
Rick Fullerton

(401) 254-3252

Department Secretary
Wendy MacDonough

Peer Tutoring Schedules: For Fall 2020, please see course in Bridges: RWU Online Tutoring FA 20.

All Math Center peer tutors participate in the Tutor in the Classroom program. The tutors work together as teams to support the math courses at RWU. The members of the tutoring team attend class lectures, take notes and are thus prepared to act as the primary tutoring resources for the course. 

The tutors work in the Math Center during a fixed weekly schedule and are available for one-on-one and small group tutoring during those hours. In addition, the tutoring team will lead test review sessions. These sessions are usually scheduled a few days prior to an in-class test, in the evening. The topics covered in the review session are based on materials provided to the tutors by the instructor of the course.

While the tutor who is specifically assigned to a student's course is the student's best tutoring resource, many of the peer tutors have had previous Tutor in the Classroom assignments. If your schedule does not match to the work schedule of members of your tutoring team, please contact the Math Center Coordinator, Richard Fullerton at 


Faculty Tutoring Schedules - For Fall 2020, please see course in Bridges: RWU Online Tutoring FA 20.  



As part of the Tutor in the Classroom Program, peer tutors lead test review sessions prior to in-class tests. During these sessions, the tutors will go over review materials provided by the instructor and/or answer general questions about the topics on the test.


Math Center Contact

Rick Fullerton
Coordinator of Math Center
Tutoring Center
2nd floor, Main Library
Roger Williams University
Bristol, RI  02809
(401) 254-3252