Messages from SAS Students



Student Accessibility Services has been such a great resource for me in my time at Roger Williams. Anytime I have questions or feel overwhelmed I am relived to know that I can go to the SAS center and get a plan in place. Everyone at the office is extremely nice and caring. The testing center is also a great resource as it is so quite which helps me focus. I had an IEP in high school as well and the process of switching over to college was painless. I am so thankful to have the SAS center as I go throughout my studies at Roger Williams. I am also a Marketing major. 


Student that identifies as female, sitting on rocks near teh ocean during teh day, wearing sunglasses and a blouse with jeans and sneakers. Grace

Student Accessibility Services has helped me grow as a student and a person. I have become much more independent with their services. As soon as I step into the office my stress goes away since I know I have the support system I need. I am not sure what I would have done without SAS my freshman year, as they guided me in the right direction and I ended up finding my perfect classes.



Student who identifies as female, standing in the snow, posing and smiling wearing a grey sweater with jeans. Allie

Student Accessibility Services provided me with accommodations that make learning fun and less stressful. As an incoming freshman, SAS helped me with my schedule and navigating through college throughout my 4 years. They have continued to advocate for me. SAS has been a safe space for me and everyone there goes above and beyond for their students.