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Image of Samantha DentonSamantha Denton

Major: Construction Management
Minors: Business and Sustainability Core Concentration: Spanish

Julia Pateman

Julia Pateman

Major: Construction Management
Minors: Business and Sustainability


Nicholas Morrison

Nicholas Morrison

Major: Construction Management
Minors: Business and Psychology







Bill Gilbane, Vice Chairman, Gilbane Building Company"Gilbane Building Company has benefitted from the continuous inclusion of Roger Williams graduates into leadership positions at Gilbane.  I’ve personally come to appreciate the highly qualified faculty and staff that are so personally invested in the students.  Construction site tours, internships, mentorships, project-based national competitions and guest speakers from the industry ensure that RWU's graduates hit the ground running."

-- Bill Gilbane, Vice Chairman, Gilbane Building Company


William Thumm, Operations Manager, Hensel Phelps“The RWU CM students repeatedly out perform other industry graduates from other similar programs.  Currently, out of the 17 hired RWU graduates, (only) 1 has moved onto other companies.  All students have met or exceeded their peers in performance and leadership.” 

-- William Thumm, Operations Manager, Hensel Phelps


Ron Simoneau –  Vice President, Shawmut “Shawmut seeks out and hires the best and brightest college graduates from select universities throughout New England. Over the past 8 years, we have hired 40 RWU graduates which is an incredible testimony to the quality and strength of their CM program. I have found RWU graduates to be among the best as they are extremely knowledgeable and well prepared in all aspects of construction, both from a technical and business perspective and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial partnership."

-- Ron Simoneau –  Vice President, Shawmut



Dempsey"Thanks to the outstanding leadership at RWU, graduates from the Construction Management program come equipped with the skills and experience necessary to face the daily challenges of a career in CM.  Over the past 13 years, we have had the pleasure of working with 14 RWU graduates.  Site Specific will continue to collaborate with RWU, knowing that our partnership provides us with access to the world-class talent necessary to deliver results to our clients. We can consistently rely on graduates from the RWU CM program to come to us with the technical skills, leadership, and hands on experience necessary to excel in this industry."

--Matt Dempsey; Partner, Site Specific

Elsch Maisoh, Project Engineer, Gilbane Building Company"My college experience at Roger Williams University, served as my pathway to ensuring the lifestyle I envision for my family.  At RWU I gained the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a well-paying job at one of the nation's premier construction management firms, Gilbane Building Company.

My time in the construction industry at Gilbane has been truly rewarding: I take great pride in driving by a facility that I helped to build and seeing it being used by people."

-- Elsch Maisoh, Project Engineer, Gilbane Building Company (Class 2013)


Danielle Crafford, Superintendent, Gilbane Building Company"Class sizes were small, yet very interactive. I was always able to approach a professor to ask questions about a project or to just discuss the next big thing in the construction industry.

While at RWU, I was able to begin my construction career with a large industry-leading construction company because of the relationships my professors had with industry professionals. I am still with that same company today because of the opportunity I was offered at RWU. I have worked as a superintendent on a variety of projects, from tenant fit-outs to airport terminals, from $8M to $150M."

-- Danielle Crafford, Superintendent, Gilbane Building Company (Class 2008)


Mike McNally, President & CEO, Skanska USA"We’ve recruited some of our best talent from Roger Williams and we keep coming back for more! The program and hands-on experience they get at RWU really have them ready to step right into a position with us."

-- Mike McNally, President & CEO, Skanska USA



Chris"At Consigli, it’s all about our people. We consistently draw raw talent from Roger Williams University. We value their students for their innovation and “great thinking” which is a big part of our continual growth and success.  Consigli employs over 30 graduates and seeks to hire new graduates every year."

--Chris Brindamour ’88; Director of Scheduling and Lean Services, Consigli Construction Company

Angela Tafone, Assistant Project Manager, Suffolk Construction"The Roger William’s Construction Management program has been instrumental in my career success. The classes provided me with the necessary tools to feel confident in the early days of my career. One of the most helpful experiences was being part of the commercial team in the building competitions. The amount of hours and practice that went into preparing for the competition gave me a realistic idea of what to expect when bidding a project in the industry. Additionally, between the CM career fair and the alumni dinner I had many opportunities to meet current industry professionals. Forming these connections opened up internship opportunities for me as well as full-time job positions. Roger Williams truly sets students up for success through their CM program. I know I will continue to be a part of this program as alumni because I believe in the growth of the RWU CM community."
-Angela Tafone, Assistant Project Manager, Suffolk Construction (Class 2012)

Headshot of Stephen Duvel"Gilbane Building Company is so proud of the decades’ long relationship we’ve had with Roger Williams University. Over the years, we have benefited from the continuous inclusion of Roger Williams graduates in many varying roles at Gilbane. I’m so appreciative of the faculty and administration for all the innovative work they have done to further the educational mission at the University. Many of our team members have had the opportunity to partner with the faculty and staff in developing meaningful curriculum through multiple means including construction site tours, internships, mentorships, project-based national competitions and speaking engagements. As a leading national construction manager, we truly appreciate the foundational work that the University is doing—readying our future workforce to be well-prepared leaders of tomorrow."

--Steve Duvel; Senior Vice President New England Operations, Gilbane Building Company

"Just like every building needs a foundation, a successful career, no matter what industry, also needs to start with a solid foundation.  My time at Roger Williams gave me just that and has allowed me to succeed in the construction industry.  I always remember one of my professor's telling me, "the first rule of business is to stay in business", and knowing I would be working for my family's company full time once I graduated, this quote stuck with me because I wanted to make sure we did just that.  Here I am almost eight years after I graduated, and not only do I remember that rule but I follow it every day.”

-- Nicholas Michienzi, (Class of 2008) Vice President, Michienzi Construction and Development, Inc.


“We expect a faster than “industry normal” advancement… Our RWU grads consistently demonstrate a higher level of proficiency with software and a solid grasp of the assigned tasks and operations.”      

-- William Wahl, Whiting-Turner



RWU Construction Management graduates find employment with a variety of companies in commercial, civil, and residential construction industry. Below is a list of some of the companies that employ our students and graduates. Click here to see the statistics of our most recent class and visit the Student Achievements tab under our Public Information page to access more information.

Agostini Bacon
Autiello Construction Company
Arden Engineering
Barletta Heavy Division
Bechtel Corporation
Bentley Construction
Bond Brothers
Burns & McDonnell
Cardinal Group
C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.
Commodore Builders
Consigli Construction
Costa Bros. Masonry
Cutler Assc.
Dacon Corporation
D.F. Pray General Contractors
Dimeo Construction
Disney Imagineering
E.J. Jaxtimer Building
Erland Construction
ET&L Construction Group
Fred DeRoma and Sons, Inc.
Gilbane Building Company
Grinnell Cabinet Makers
HNTB Corporation
Hunter Roberts Construction Group 
J2 Construct
JBJ Construction
J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.
J.E. Dunn
J. Fletcher Creamer and Sons

J. H. Maximillian Inc.
KBE Building Corporation
Keiter Builders
Lee Crutcher Lewis
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
Lend Lease
Lincoln Property Company
Mass Electric Construction Co.
Michienzi Construction
Moriatry & Assc.
Mortenson Construction
New England Construction
O&G Industries
Permasteelisa North America
Pellicano Construction
PMA Consultants
Schimenti Construction Company
Shawmut Design & Construction
Siena Construction Corporation
Site Specific
Skanska USA
Suffolk Construction
Tishman Construction
The Walsh Group
TRAC Builders
Turino Group, Inc.
Turner Construction
Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.
Weeks Marine
Whiting-Turner Construction

Are you an RWU Construction Management graduate and would like to see your company name on this list? Simply send an email to Dr. Emmer - with your name, year of graduation, your title and the name of your company to add your company on this page.