RWU Construction Management (CM) Alumni is a strong group of executives, managers, consultants, academics, professionals, and experts who are devoted to advance the construction industry and a continuous support for the RWU CM program. Our alumni assist us in a variety of ways and are at the heart of the continuous success of our major.

Giving Opportunities

Below are some of the examples of our alumni support and how you can get involved with the program.

  1. Donate to RWU CM Program. There are two accounts that you can choose from if you would like to donate directly to the CM program. Below is a brief description of each account. Learn more about donating to the CM Program.
    1. The CMPAB Scholarship Account: Established by the Construction Management Professional Advisory Board to support students enrolled in the Construction Management program. Awarded annually to student(s) enrolled full time and majoring in Construction Management with a sophomore, junior or senior class standing, good academic standing, and in financial need.
    2. The CMPAB Programmatic Gift Account: This fund provides current use dollars to benefit the CM program and its students.  For example, these funds may be used by the program to purchase special laboratory and field equipment, support new educational initiatives, and provide funds to support student participation in competitions, field trips, student/alumni events and other activities.  Your support of this initiative will make an immediate impact to benefit the students of the CM Program.
  2. Be a Guest Speaker in one of our CM courses.View a list of CM courses, semesters they are offered and the contact information of the instructor. Please do not hesitate to send the instructor(s) emails if you are interested in being a guest speaker. We are continuously looking for guest speakers for our courses.
  3. Be a Guest Speaker for a CM Club event.  Share your experiences with us. CM Club is continuously seeking guest speakers from a wide range of areas within the construction industry. Contact our CM Club faculty advisor, Dr. Michael Emmer, for more information.
  4. Organize field trips for our students.  Simply contact Dr. Michael Emmer to learn more about how you can help us with field trips.
  5. Sponsor an event. Contact Dr. Michael Emmer to learn more about a schedule of events and how you may be able to contribute.
  6. Support the CM Professional Advisory Board (CMPAB) and its committees. Visit the CMPAB page for more information and how you may get involved at various levels.
  7. Promote the CM major at your local high school.  Help the construction industry and the CM Program at RWU by supporting our efforts to encourage high school students to pursue careers in construction management. Email Dawn Occi for more information and materials.
  8. Support our career services. Attend our career fairs (Fall and Spring semesters) and/or facilitate internship and externship opportunities for current CM students. Contact Brian Duff to learn more about how you can get involved with our career services. Make sure to ask about the “Handshake” site where you can search for or post full-time or internship opportunities.
  9. Become a PLOM for the CM program. PLOM stands for Program Learning Outcome Mentor. We are continuously seeking mentors for each of our twenty (20) Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) to support students in meeting these outcomes upon graduation. View a list of our current Program Learning Outcomes for which you may become a mentor. Contact Dr. Michael Emmer if you are interested in becoming a PLOM for the CM program.
  10. Mentor a Competition Team: Every year teams of RWU CM students attend a number of student competitions regionally and nationally. Teams are continuously seeking industry mentors who can help them with their training, offer educational workshops, or simply be available to answer their questions. Check out the “Student Achievements” tab under our Public Information page for a summary of RWU CM Team recent accomplishments. Below is a list of student teams with their faculty advisors to contact if you are interested in becoming a mentor for one or more of our student competition teams:
    1. Commercial Team / Dr. Anne Anderson
    2. Design-Build / Dr. Issa Ramaji
    3. Heavy-Highway / Dr. Amine Ghanem
    4. International / Dr. Michael Emmer

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