Capstone Project

Section 1

Gilbane Building Company 
Mentors: Gabby Caron '20 and Jared Ramos '18

Project: Henry J. Winter Elementary School will provide a learning facility for 400 students, geared toward STEAM education – that is, science technology, engineering, arts, and math. The school will be built on the 2.60-acre site of the old facility, which will be demolished, and is situated in a thickly settled, urban neighborhood.

Section 2

Consigli Construction Company
Mentors: Nick Morrison '19 and Carter Bomengen '20

Project: The project consists of selective renovations of WPI’s Civil Engineering Building. It is a three story, 36,600 SF renovation, including, but not limited to, Selective Demolition, Restroom Renovations (to make ADA Compliant), Millwork/Countertop Renovations & Historic Wood Door Restorations, Roof Renovations, Window Replacements, Finishes Upgrades (ACT, Partitions, Flooring, Wall Finishes), Specialties & Furnishings Replacements, HVAC system installation & associated architectural & structural upgrades, and Elevator system installation & associated architectural & structural upgrades

Section 3

Shawmut Design and Construction
Mentors: Emma Guillot '18, Hannah Augustyn '17, and Tim Lopes '17

Project: Davol Square Building Renovations & Shawmut Providence Office Fit Out. This project includes the public space renovations of 3 connected buildings which currently are home to various office spaces, all tenants will remain in the building during construction. The renovation of the Shawmut Design & Construction Providence Office space will occur concurrently with the Davol Square project. The Shawmut office is currently located on Floors 1 & 2 of Building A within Davol Square. The Shawmut Office needs to remain occupied during construction, therefore that portion of the project will need to be phased accordingly.