Construction Management

Construction managers are the leaders of the building process. Construction managers work for owners, builders, designers and sub-contractors and multitude of government and technical agencies that support the construction process. They control the “means and methods” of construction, develop budgets and create and manage project schedules. On-time, on-budget completion is a typical CM responsibility which has been increasingly difficult given today’s technically and organizationally complex projects. Owners, designers and construction managers must all work collaboratively to create integrated, best value solutions that meet a client's need.

Connecting with the Industry

Construction Management Team Places First in International Competition

Four team members smile with award The RWU Construction Management program sent a team of four students to the Associated Schools of Construction Region 8 International competition in Manchester, UK on Nov. 6-8 2019 to compete in the quantity surveying category. Due to the team's hard work and preparation, they won first place against a group of thirteen schools from around the world. This was the first time the RWU CM program entered an international competition. From left to right Jon Gomes, Nate Dionne, Sebastian Leo, and Greg Pomerleau were coached by Dr. Michael Emmer, the CM Program Coordinator. 

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