Feinstein School of Social and Natural Sciences Programs

Programs at the Feinstein School of Social and Natural Sciences prepare students for a variety of careers in the social or natural sciences. Programs focus on developing students skilled in analytical thinking, research methods, quantitative reasoning, and sociocultural learning. SSNS also offers undergraduate certificates as well as the opportunity for specialization within certain majors. Through project-based learning experiences, the development of critical skills, and our Center For Economic and Environmental Development, programs develop well-rounded students with the skill set to succeed in their careers or future study.


  • Anthropology + Sociology

    Our unique Anthropology + Sociology program combines the ideas and methods of these two social sciences into an integrated study of social change, diversity and cultural awareness, both locally and globally. You’ll build strong hands-on research skills to prepare you for a career in community and social service or an advanced degree in law, education, social work or public policy.

  • Applied Mathematics

    Applied Mathematics at RWU moves beyond theory, using math and statistics to solve practical real-world problems in fields like chemistry, environmental science and scientific computing. With small class sizes and opportunities to co-author publications with faculty, our Applied Mathematics program will set you up for a successful career in business, engineering, health care, government and more.

  • Aquaculture and Aquarium Science

    Learn how to raise fish and shellfish through RWU’s unique and innovative program in Aquaculture and Aquarium Science, offered in partnership with the New England Aquarium in Boston. You’ll study and conduct research in our state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences Building, which is home to nearly 200 aquaria, the state’s only shellfish hatchery and our renowned tropical marine ornamental program.


  • Biochemistry

    As a Biochemistry major, you’ll delve into the science at the intersection of biology and chemistry: the biological applications of chemistry and the chemical processes necessary for biological life to exist. Through RWU’s rigorous coursework in subjects such as bioinformation, neurobiology and biotechnology combined with research and internships, you’ll be well prepared for graduate study and your future career.

  • Biology

    A degree in Biology is the key to fulfilling and in-demand careers in health and medicine, scientific research, education and more. At RWU, you’ll study topics like evolutionary biology, environmental toxicology and antimicrobial drug design in our state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences Building. Through lectures, labs, fieldwork and independent research, you’ll discover the interconnected processes that shape the living world.

  • Biotechnology

    Develop your mastery of the technical skills of biology and chemistry through RWU’s Biotechnology program. With this certification, which includes additional training, research and internship experience for Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Marine Biology majors, you’ll gain a competitive edge as you work toward graduate school or a career in biomedical research, biotech or the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Chemistry

    As a Chemistry major at RWU, you can pursue an American Chemical Society-certified B.S. degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Environmental Chemistry. B. A. degrees are also an option, and are easily incorporated as a second major, when combined with another major in science. No matter which you choose, you’ll develop the laboratory, critical thinking and research skills to succeed in graduate school, medical school or a career in chemistry. Students can collaborate with faculty on research as early as their first year, presenting their research at chemistry meetings across the U.S.

  • Computational Mathematics

    When you study Computational Mathematics at RWU, you’ll learn how to apply principles of math to computers and computer science fields. The curriculum emphasizes practical computational methods and use of technology -- skills you can apply to solve problems in your future career in the technology industry or the sciences.


  • Environmental Chemistry

    By studying Environmental Chemistry, you’ll learn how to use the concepts of chemistry to examine the environment -- namely, our air, water, soil and the contaminants that can pollute them. Combined with a degree in science, engineering or mathematics, you’ll gain knowledge you can use in your career and life to protect the environment and human health.

  • Environmental Science

    Housed in RWU’s Marine and Natural Sciences Building, the interdisciplinary Environmental Science program integrates biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics into an understanding of the natural world. Through research and an array of electives in fields like earth sciences, resource management and law, you’ll discover how humans affect nature and learn how to protect the environment in your career as a scientist, policymaker or educator.


  • Forensic Mental Health Counseling

    A two-year, full-time, 60 credit-hour program, the Master of Arts in Forensic Mental Health Counseling is designed for students who wish to provide mental health services in forensic or legal settings. Rooted in clinical practice, this program provides students with more than 200 hours of practicum work and 600 hours of internship experience. The Program also provides the appropriate foundation for future doctoral study in a Psy.D. program.​

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  • International Relations

    At RWU, our interdisciplinary International Relations major celebrates human endeavor, diversity and opportunity by drawing upon subjects like history, sociology, economics, foreign language and political science. Through internships, study abroad and specialization in either globalization, culture or area studies, you’ll learn the practical diplomacy, communication and critical thinking skills needed to help make a difference in the world in careers such as government, consulting and intelligence.


  • Marine Biology

    Dive headfirst into the study of oceanography, marine ecology, fisheries biology and more with a degree in Marine Biology. Situated on Mount Hope Bay in RWU’s state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences Building -- home to an aquatic animal diagnostic lab and the state’s only shellfish hatchery -- the Marine Biology program teaches students to discover the aquatic world through lectures, labs, fieldwork and independent research in preparation for careers as scientists and educators.

  • Mathematics

    A degree in Mathematics from RWU is an excellent foundation for graduate study and a wealth of careers in fields such as science, computers, engineering and business. Our program blends a rigorous study of math theory with flexible electives and research conducted with faculty. You’ll learn how to interpret data and use mathematical reasoning to analyze and solve problems.

  • Military Science

    When you are called to serve in the U.S. Army, you can begin your training through RWU’s Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program. You’ll advance your leadership skills to prepare for the Army and gain access to new scholarship opportunities. Upon completion of the Military Science program, you will be eligible to be commissioned into the Army.


  • Physics

    Study the fundamental science of Physics at RWU, where you’ll learn math, computational and theoretical skills you can apply to any liberal arts or professional degree. Our Physics program offers classes in topics like advanced calculus, astronomy and quantum mechanics, which can help you prepare for taking standardized tests necessary for admission into graduate study in medicine, law, engineering and more.

  • Political Science

    Political Science examines the institutions that govern our societies and the policy decisions that affect every part of our lives. At RWU, you’ll sharpen your thinking, writing and debate skills in classes such as American politics, international relations, comparative politics, political theory and public administration. Combined with real-world internship experience -- locally and in Washington, D.C. -- you’ll be prepared for a career in law, business, public policy or education.

  • Pre-Dentistry

    Dental School admission depends on grade point average, Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores, writing/personal statement, work and leadership experience, and specific coursework. Although there is no single degree that pre-dental students are required to earn, many pursue Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry major/minors because these best match DAT topics, which include three years of advanced biology and chemistry.

  • Pre-Medicine

    Roger Williams University offers individualized advising and guidance for students planning for careers in the health professions after they graduate. Our Pre-Medicine track assists students throughout their undergraduate career and beyond, beginning with course selection and career exploration, continuing with support around gaining required clinical and extracurricular experience, and culminating with 1-1 support through the med school application process.

  • Pre-Occupational Therapy

    The Pre-Occupational Therapy track at Roger Williams University is designed to prepare students for entry to most occupational therapy programs. RWU's pre-professional advisor will provide customized support with regards to pre-requisites for particular occupational therapy programs.

  • Pre-Optometry

    The Pre-Optometry Track at RWU is designed to prepare students for entry to all US optometry schools. Students interested in this track will work with the Pre-Health Director to design their program of study to ensure they take the proper prerequisite courses for entry. Students can pursue almost any major for entry into optometry school, although most select at least one major offered through SSNS. Please also make sure to consult with a faculty advisor in your academic area to ensure graduation in a timely manner.

  • Pre-Pharmacy

    In the Pre-Pharmacy track, students complete a list of courses required for entry into Pharmacy school. A Pre-Professional Advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular programs.

  • Pre-Physical Therapy

    The Pre-Physical Therapy track allows students to complete the courses required for application to most Physical Therapy schools along with the required completion of a BA/BS degree. RWU's Pre-Health advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular physical therapy programs.

  • Pre-Physician Assistant

    RWU's Pre-Physician Assistant track allows students to complete the courses required for admission to PA school. RWU's Pre-Health advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular programs.

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

    RWU's Pre-Veterinary Medicine track allows students to complete courses required for admission to Veterinary school. RWU's Pre-Health advisor will provide information with regards to pre-requisites for particular programs. The science courses required for admission fit readily into a Biology degree.

  • Psychology

    Critical thinking, openness to new worldviews and an appreciation for diversity -- these are the values that a degree in Psychology provides. At RWU, you’ll learn how to apply these skills to research that helps solve problems in our community and society. Our Psychology students are prepared for graduate school as well as a wide range of careers, including human resources, management, marketing and education.

  • Public Health

    Embrace your role as a world citizen through the study of Public Health, an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the health of populations at the local, national and global levels. You’ll tackle a broad range of pressing health topics, from food safety to infectious diseases to climate change, as you prepare for a career managing and evaluating programs that keep our communities safe from illness and injury.