Marine & Natural Sciences Seminar Series

The weekly Roger Williams University Marine and Natural Science Seminar is held every Fall and Spring semester through the division of Marine and Natural Sciences in MNS 200 and/or on Zoom. We invite speakers from within and outside the RWU community to speak on scientific topics including biology, chemistry, physics, math, public health, industry, and science communication & policy. This seminar series also holds events like Meet your Advisor in the Fall and Applying to Graduate School FAQ in the Spring.

QR Code for joining MNS Seminar ZoomSome speakers this semester will be joining us via Zoom. Join the Zoom call using the URL or on your mobile device by positioning its camera over the QR code at right.

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Meet Your Advisor

Celebrating Undergraduate Research

Of Mice, Mites, Microbes and Men

How Anyone Can be an Arms Dealer!

The ins and outs of Adeno Associated Virus and Human Gene Therapy

Understanding Blooms of Microalgae (seaweeds) in Narragansett Bay

Insights into Earth's Oxygenation from the Geological Record of Chemical Fossils

Behavioral and physiological effects of  climate change scenarios on larvae of  a continental shelf bivalve: dispersal and energy budget implications

Characterizing Drug-Modifying Reductases derived from Human Gut Bacteria

Aging modulated by Insulin/IGF signaling in Drosophila

Seeing the Subsurface - A Geophysical Approach to Stream Hydrology

A Deep Dive with Ocean X

Dental Public Health Interventions to Address Public Health Disparities

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Gagliardi Career Panel

Building Equity Through Science Communication

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How People with Disabilities Use the Web | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C 

Tools and Techniques | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C

Creating an Accessible Twitter Post | CSUSM 

How to make images accessible for people 

CLEAR Lab Book

Senio Thesis Presentations

Studying Antimicrobial Resistance from the Benchtop to the Bay

Gagliardi Family Distinguished Seminar Series

Reclaiming STEM: a healing centered approach to inclusive science communication

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Participatory Approaches in Building Community Academic Partnerships: Lessons Learned from a Public Health Pracademic

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Kelp Forests of New England in an Era of Global Change


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Applying to Grad School FAQ

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