Computational Mathematics

When you study Computational Mathematics at RWU, you’ll learn how to apply principles of math to computers and computer science fields. The curriculum emphasizes practical computational methods and use of technology — skills you can apply to solve problems in your future career in the technology industry or the sciences.

Degree Requirements

The Computational Mathematics Minor

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This Minor includes courses that emphasize practical computational methods and use of technology applied to problems in industry and the sciences.

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Student presents poster at Student Academic Showcase and Honors event
Cole Foster '20, a double major in Engineering and Applied Mathematics presented his poster "Electromagnetism on Mars via the Wiener-Hopf Integral Equation Model" at the 2018 Student Academic Showcase and Honors event at RWU.

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Research Opportunities

Several factors distinguish Roger Williams University's mathematics programs from the competition. For starters, small class size means more personalized attention from our faculty members. Our students are involved on campus — as math tutors and as members of the Mathematics Honor Society. Unlike at other institutions, our talented students get to co-author math publications with our faculty. In fact, our students are currently working on the Numerical Solution of the Helmholtz Equation for the Pseudosphere, and Foundations of General Relativity and some speculations on the Einstein-Grossmann Collaboration.