Study the fundamental science of Physics at RWU, where you’ll learn math, computational and theoretical skills you can apply to any liberal arts or professional degree. Our Physics program offers classes in topics like advanced calculus, astronomy and quantum mechanics, which can help you prepare for taking standardized tests necessary for admission into graduate study in medicine, law, engineering and more.

Degree Requirements

The Physics Minor

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Physics minors will take a minimum of 18 credits in physics and math from the courses listed below.

Requirements for a Minor in Physics

PHYS201Physics I with Calculus and Lab
PHYS202Physics II with Calculus and Lab


Select 10 credits from the following courses:

PHYS240Introductory Astronomy & Lab
PHYS320Modern Physics
PHYS330Physical Oceanography with Lab
PHYS350Computational Physics
PHYS370Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
PHYS420Quantum Mechanics
PHYS430Special Topics in Physics
MATH370Advanced Calculus for the Physical Sciences

To read more about our academic offerings, or to view full course descriptions, please refer to our University Catalog.

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