Military Science

When you are called to serve in the U.S. Army, you can begin your training through RWU’s Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program. You’ll advance your leadership skills to prepare for the Army and gain access to new scholarship opportunities. Upon completion of the Military Science program, you will be eligible to be commissioned into the Army.

The Military Science Minor

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Army Reserve Officers Training Corps

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) is offered by the University and is available to all students. Physically qualified American citizens who complete the entire four-year program are eligible to be commissioned in the U.S. Army. Delayed entry into active service for the purpose of graduate study is available.
Military science course work is designed to complement other instruction offered at the University. Emphasis throughout is on the development of individual leadership ability and preparation of the student for future leadership roles in the Army. Professional military education skills in written communications, human behavior, history, mathematical reasoning, and computer literacy are fulfilled through required University Core Curriculum requirements and the military science curriculum.

There are three variations of ROTC available:

  • The Four-Year Program: During the four-year program, students participate in required military science courses and activities. Attendance at a six-week advanced training camp is required between the third and fourth years. The eight courses required in this program are listed below.
  • The Two-Year Program: The two-year ROTC program begins with a six-week Camp Challenge summer training session (with pay). After successful completion of Camp Challenge, the student enters the third year of ROTC and attends advanced camp during the next summer. Enlisted members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserves who have completed basic training can qualify for the two-year ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program.
  • The Three-Year Program: The third variation consists of a three-year program for students who wish to enter ROTC during their sophomore year or who intend to complete their academic studies in three years. This program compresses the requirements for the basic course into one year.
Significant scholarship opportunities are available to students participating in the ROTC program. These scholarships are based on performance and not on financial need.

The Minor in Military Science

MS101Introduction to ROTC and the U.S. Army I
MS102Introduction to ROTC and the U.S. Army II
MS201Military Skills I
MS202Military Skills II
MS301Small Unit Leadership and Operations I
MS302Small Unit Leadership and Operations II
MS401Advanced Leadership and Management I
MS402Advanced Leadership and Management II

Note: A student with previous military training may be excused from MS 101 through and including MS 202.