Anthropology + Sociology

Our unique Anthropology + Sociology program combines the ideas and methods of these two social sciences into an integrated study of social change, diversity and cultural awareness, both locally and globally. You’ll build strong hands-on research skills to prepare you for a career in community and social service or an advanced degree in law, education, social work or public policy.

Degree Requirements

    The Anthropology + Sociology Major

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    Majors pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology + Sociology must satisfy the program's foundation courses, the University Core Curriculum requirements including the mathematics requirement (MATH 124, Basic Statistics is recommended), the College speech requirement, (COMM 210), and a sufficient number of electives to total 120 credits.

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    The Anthropology + Sociology Minor and Core Concentration

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    In addition to the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology + Sociology, we offer a minor in Anthropology + Sociology and a core concentration in Anthropology + Sociology.

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    Hands-On Research

    During your senior year, you'll have the opportunity to apply your qualitative research skills through an anthropological and sociological lens. In the capstone course, ANSOC 460: Senior Seminar, students engage in original research of their choosing. You'll develop your own research question, research protocol, conduct the research, and then analyze and present your findings at a professional academic conference and to your peers and faculty members at the university.

    These are some examples of students' research:

    Alyssa Baer '19
    Community and Culture in the Library

    AnnaMarie Bakovic '19
    A War on Two Fronts: The Battle of Being Both a Second-Generation Immigrant and First-Generation College Students

    Julia Bradley '19
    ‘Hit Like a Girl’: Implicit Sexism and Female Athletes in Male Dominated Martial Arts

    Savanaugh Casey '19      
    The Evolution of Women in Advertisements, 1960-2019

    Nathan Cherau '19
    A Kayaker's Environment - Values and Concerns in Rhode Island

    Jonica Degrasse '19         
    Refugee Narratives: Reaching the Dream Together

    Amanda Russo '19           
    “What I really want to do is…”: Redefining Meaningful Work

    R. Miller Schneider '19
    Institutions Are the Problem, Not the People: Mass Media Representations of Incarceration

    Jesse Simmons '19
    Convention Culture: A Technological Medium Turned Physical

    Preparing for Successful Careers

    alumni panel
    Alumni return each spring to share their advice on building a career with an Anthropology + Sociology degree.

    We work on preparing our students for successful careers throughout your years in the program, with a particularly strong focus in your senior year. The A+S department partners with the RWU Center for Career & Professional Development to help each student develop personal interviewing, résumé-building and networking skills, and to host informal coffee hours, where students can meet with career advisors and get advice on preparing for the job search and interviews. In the spring, we present an alumni panel geared specifically at addressing our current undergraduates' questions about what they can do with a degree in anthropology and sociology. In addition to making our students career-ready, we also provide students with opportunities to attend and present at professional conferences, where students share their research with experts in the field and make connections that open doors to job opportunities. 

    Our Thriving Alumni

    Our major, minor and core concentrators find themselves in all different career fields. However, many draw on the same skills they studied and learned in their anthropology + sociology courses. They believe their courses made them more culturally sensitive, and this translated into the work they do and their interactions with colleagues. Our alumni say these are some of the qualities and skills that the Anthropology + Sociology program provided them:

    • By understanding people of a variety of values, principles, commitments, and backgrounds, they effectively work with and for people and institutions.
    • Instilling attentiveness to and understanding of group dynamics.
    • The ability to understand the different lenses through which people engage the world.
    • The Anthropology + Sociology program's focus on hands-on projects involving collaboration, data collection and analysis translated directly into understanding the social interactions of the workplace.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Integration of anthropology and sociology
    2. “Hands‐on” applied learning
    3. Global competency
    4. Value of service
    5. Original research
    6. Critical engagement, requiring thoughtful and questioning participation in learning
    A headshot of Angelina Ferrari giving a speech.

    Expanding Her Reach

    Angelina Ferrari, RWU Class of 2017
    Public Health

    Students at Roger Williams try to make life better not only for people in their immediate area but beyond it as well. For example, Angelina Ferrari is taking that passion and bringing it to the greater community as one of this year's Hassenfeld Fellows.

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