Graduate - Bursar

Academic Year 2017-2018

General Fees 

  • Application Fee $50
  • Parking Permit Fee $175
  • Graduation Fee $258
  • Registration Deposit $200
  • Late Payment Fee $285
  • Optional Recreational Service Fee $85
  • Health Insurance Fee - Academic Year '17-'18 $2,332 *
  • Health Insurance Fee - Spring '18 Semester $1,310 *

* All full-time undergraduate students (both residential and commuter), all Masters in Architecture students, and all international students must be covered by an adequate health insurance policy. Those who are covered under an existing health insurance plan may waive the University sponsored student health insurance. To waive, students are required to decline the University's insurance plan and provide information on their existing plan by completing the form available at: Spring waivers are due no later than January 24, 2018.


School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation 

Master of Architecture
Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Rates
  • Tuition (per credit) $1,463
  • Three Credit Class $4,389
  • Tuition (12-20 credits) $17,556

Winter & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $1,043
  • 3 Credit Class $3,129
  • 5 Credit Class $5,215
  • Studio Fee $2,125

Master of Science in Historic Preservation
Master of Arts in Art and Architectural History

Fall & Winter 2017, Spring & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $876
  • Three Credit Class $2,619 

Mario J. Gabelli School of Business 

Master of Business Administration

Fall 2017, Spring & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $860
  • Three Credit Class  $2,580

School of Education 

Master of Arts in Literacy
Middle School Endorsement (Certificate)

Fall & Winter 2017, Spring & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $573
  • Three Credit Class $1,719

School of Justice Studies 

Master of Science in Leadership
Master of Public Administration
Leadership (Certificate)
Public Management (Certificate)
Health Care Administration (Certificate)

Fall & Winter 2017, Spring & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $573
  • Three Credit class $1,719

Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Digital Forensics (Certificate)
Cybersecurity (Certificate)
Cyberspecialist (Certificate)

Fall & Winter 2017, Spring & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $876
  • Three Credit class $2,628

Feinstein College of Arts and Science 

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

Fall & Winter 2017, Spring & Summer 2018 Rates

  • Tuition (per credit) $876
  • Three Credit Class $2,628

Multiple Sibling Tuition Discount 

Statement of Purpose: 
Roger Williams University and Roger Williams University School of Law recognize that the increasing cost of higher education has a serious impact on the ability of potential students to further their education; and this is especially true where there is more than one college-age child within a family.  The cost often impedes a student and his or her family from considering their top choice college/university.  In an effort to allow potential students and their families to have access to and the choice of considering Roger Williams University and the Roger Williams School of Law, the University has established a tuition discount in situations in which multiple siblings attend the University and/or the Law School.

If two or more siblings are enrolled simultaneously as full-time students at Roger Williams University as undergraduate or graduate students, and/or at the Roger Williams University School of Law, a tuition discount will be granted to the students.  The siblings must have been accepted for admission to one or more of the component parts of the University or the Law School in accordance with all normal admission standards. 

The tuition discount rate for siblings enrolled full-time at the University or Law School is as follows:


  1. One student enrolled – no discount
  2. Two students enrolled – 10% discount for each student
  3. Three students enrolled – 10% discount for the first two students; 20% discount for the third student
  4. Four or more students enrolled - 10% discount for the first two students; 20% discount for the third student; 25% discount for each of the fourth and any additional students
  • The discount shall be applied in order of the year of enrollment of each sibling (i.e., first to enroll as an undergraduate, graduate or law school student) and the discount shall continue to be applied based upon continuous years of enrollment at the University/School of Law.  If a sibling has a break of one academic year or more (either within a degree program or moving from one degree to another), his/her date of enrollment for purposes of this policy shall re-set.
  • In the event of a discount involving more than two siblings with the same date of enrollment, the higher discount rate shall apply to the lesser tuition cost.

Siblings are eligible for tuition discount before the age of twenty–four (24) for the undergraduate program and before the age of twenty-six (26) for the graduate program and the School of Law.  The tuition discount for students shall be terminated at the end of the semester in which the student reaches the age of 24 or 26, as the case may be.

Any financial aid awarded to a sibling would reflect the discount prior to being awarded the financial aid.

The discount shall not be applied retroactively, and cannot be combined with any other published tuition discounts.

This policy does not apply to fees and other charges.

The Bursar shall demand adequate proof that a student is eligible for the sibling tuition discount.  In most cases the required proof would be a copy of a birth certificate or proof of adoption.

Full-time Enrollment – This policy applies to siblings enrolled full-time (12 credits minimum) in an undergraduate day program leading to a Bachelor’s Degree; full-time (9 credits minimum) in a graduate program leading to a Master’s Degree; and full-time (12 credits minimum) in a School of Law program leading to a Juris Doctorate.

Sibling – One or more individuals having at least one common parent, either biological or legally adopted.