Refund Requests

If your student account is overpaid, you may submit a refund request form via the link below. At this time we can ONLY process direct deposit refunds. Please allow two to three weeks for processing.

  • Web Refund Request Form
  • If financial aid is contributing toward the credit on your account, the refund process will involve certification from the Office of Financial Aid.

Please take note! You may not request a refund due to pending financial aid. Your financial aid must be actual and posted to your account. To determine whether your aid is pending or actual, log in to your billing account at On the left sidebar, select Financial  Information, then RWU Student Account Center. If your financial aid is listed on the bottom of your statement under "Estimated Pending Credits," the aid is still pending and may not be requested. Once your aid is actual and posted to your account, you will see a posting date next to the entry.

COVID-19 Room/Meal Credits & Refunds

If you are a returning student and received a Spring 2020 COVID-19 Room & Meal credit, it may affect your account balance and loan postings if you are utilizing Financial Aid. A credit balance for the fall 2020 semester may be needed to pay for the spring 2021 semester.

In most instances loans for the academic year are split evenly between the fall and spring semesters. In the example below, a total loan of $25,000 is split evenly between the fall and spring semesters at $12,500 for each. Because of the COVID-19 room and meal credits that were applied to the fall semester, there is a $2,500 credit balance generated for the fall. This $2,500 is needed to pay for the balance of the spring semester. Please pay attention when requesting a refund for the fall and call our office for assistance.

EXAMPLE: These are NOT actual charges or COVID Room & Meal credits.

Fall Charges



Spring Charges


COVID Room/Meal Credit



Spring Loan


Fall Loan



Spring Total Due


Fall Total Credit



Direct Deposit

Why wait? Student refunds are available through direct deposit to your bank account!

Direct deposit is the fastest, simplest way to get your student refund. To enroll in direct deposit, log in to On the left sidebar, select Financial Information, then Banking Information.

You can change or cancel direct deposit banking information at any time via the myRWU portal. Changes made by Thursday at 3pm will be effective the following week; a paper check will be generated until such changes become effective. Paper checks will be mailed to your current preferred mailing address.

  • Questions regarding your refund should be directed to the Bursar’s Office at 254-3520 or
  • Questions regarding the portal or entering your direct deposit information should be directed to the Mediatech helpdesk at 254-3157 or

Federal Title IV Refunds

Due to Department of Education guidelines, Roger Williams University is required to refund any Federal Title IV funds which exceed the applicable charges for the award year excluding $200.00 from a previous award year.  If you have previously signed a Federal Title IV Release form, we may also exclude all non-applicable charges for the current award year from the refund check(s).

Federal regulations prohibit Roger Williams University from holding Federal Loan proceeds in excess of 14 days from the first day of classes if the loan(s) creates a refund. Federal loans received after the semester begins will be refunded within 14 days of their receipt. Please note: if you enrolled in direct deposit, your Title IV refund will be deposited directly to your bank account. You may cancel direct deposit banking information at any time to receive a paper check.

If you adjust your course schedule after you receive your refund, you must make proper arrangements with the Bursar's Office to cover your balance.