The Right Decision

A headshot of Brittany Watson
Brittany Watson '19

Brittany Watson, RWU Class of 2019

Major:  Marketing

Brittany Watson chose RWU because of its warm, welcoming community. Now, more than ever, Watson is convinced she made the right decision.

"When I came to Roger Williams everyone was just so nice. It was just a really friendly, ‘people-hold-the-door’ for you kind of environment."

On campus, students can relax, unwind by playing games of Wiffle Ball, or just reflect on their learning, says Watson. It's is a place where students can discover or feed their passions. For Watson, that meant discovering a love of data through her marketing courses and giving back to the community by joining the Food Recovery Network. While here, Watson has also been able to form strong, personal relationships with her professors, who are dedicated and always ready to support students and their interests, she says.

It's been that combination of things and more that make RWU special for Watson. It all adds to the atmosphere that assures her RWU is home.