Student Senate


logo RWU Student SenateThe Roger Williams University Student Senate is the University organization elected by the students, for the students, to act as the liaison between the Student Body and the Administration and Faculty. Entrusted by and responsible to the students, Senators emphasize constant personal and organizational improvements through representative leadership. The Student Senate and all its sponsored clubs and organizations strive to promote an inclusive community by defending a diverse range of viewpoints for all students past, present, and future.

The Student Senate holds elections every spring for the following academic year and each fall for incoming freshmen.

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2021-22 Student Senate

President: Jordan St. Onge
Vice President: Adam Cavanaugh
Treasurer: Zach Domian
Secretary: Amanda Plasse
Parliamentarian: Alexandra DeFabritiis
Finance Chair: Zachary Lafontaine
Clubs and Organization Chair: Brian Carroll
Student Life Chair: Alli Schoenfeldt
Academic Affairs Chair: Michael Arel​​​​​​​
Public Relations Chair: Ashley Haryasz
Parking Council Chair: Jack Dunn
Luis De Ugarte
Dani Hazelton
Benjamin Mosher
Riley Veader
Fiona Dolan
Jack Fusaro
​​​​​​​Bryanna Bay

Advisors: Blair Carroll, Adrianne Harris