The Hawks' Herald

HHLogo1.pngThe Hawks' Herald is the student newspaper of Roger Williams University. It is published weekly during the academic year. Student positions are varied and include reporting and writing stories, selling and designing advertisements, and more. Students from all majors are invited and encouraged to work for The Hawks' Herald.

The Hawks' Herald office is located in the Campus Recreation Center, Room 202. 

Editor-in-Chief: Luke Brennan
Managing Editor: Sam Elwell
News Editor: Jimmy Sadowski
News Manager: Vacant
Sports Editor: Kristen Dansereau
Sports Manager: Vacant
Features Editor: Vacant
Features Manager: Vacant
Photo Editor: Vacant
Photo Manager: Vacant
Arts & Culture Editor: Vacant
Arts & Culture Manager: Vacant
Opinions Editor: Sam Elwell
Opinions Manager: Vacant
Social Media Manager: Vacant
Business Manager: Vacant
Chief Designer: Vacant
Design Editor: Vacant 
Podcast: Vacant 
Advisor: Adrianne Harris

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