Four Year Planning

Committing to a University for your college education is a big investment of your time, effort and financial resources. You don't want surprises. At Roger Williams University, we are focused on making sure students and families can plan for a successful four years.

Four Year Outlook

There are a variety of factors that can impact the amount of aid a student will receive in subsequent years. The most important points to remember are:

  • Apply for aid every year. The financial aid award letter you received is only good for one academic year. With the exception of admission merit scholarships and institutional grants, federal aid awards are not automatically renewed—you must apply for aid each year you attend RWU. The priority deadline for continuing students to apply for aid is February 1. Be sure to submit your application by that date so you don’t miss out on funding!
  • Merit scholarships amounts are fixed. Your merit scholarship will remain the same for all four years.
  • You may be eligible for additional endowed scholarships in future years. Current students may research and apply for scholarships on the Financial Aid scholarship page.
  • Outside scholarships you receive will not reduce RWU merit or grant money. In most cases, outside scholarships go directly to the student. Sometimes outside scholarships can reduce the amount of work-study and affect your subsidized or unsubsidized loan eligibility.

Multiple Sibling Discount

If two or more siblings are enrolled simultaneously as full-time students at Roger Williams University as undergraduate or graduate students, and/or at the Roger Williams University School of Law, a tuition discount will be granted to the students. The siblings must have been accepted for admission to one or more of the component parts of the University or the Law School in accordance with all normal admission standards. The discount is broken down on the Bursar's Undergraduate Tuition and Fees page.

Special Circumstances

A Special Circumstance Appeal Form (new students [2022-23],returning students) may be completed if your family has experienced any differences between the prior tax year and the upcoming year, such as an impending job loss or unusual capital gains. It can also include anything that differentiates the family's situation from other families, such as medical expenses not covered by insurance. The form and required documentation can be submitted via email to  or via fax to 401-254-3356.

Summer Earnings

Don’t forget about the earning potential you have during the summer! While enrolled in college, summer earnings present an excellent opportunity to set aside funds to help with books, supplies, and other expenses that arise throughout the academic year.

Tax Benefits

There are a number of tax credits and deductions available that can help you and your family with higher education expenses. Be sure to speak to a tax advisor about these opportunities when you file your taxes next year!