A Message from a SAS Student

Meet Carli, a Secondary Education/English Literature major. As an undergraduate, Carli receives services through SAS and works as an SAS office assistant.

carli.jpgDuring my first year with Student Accessibility Services here at Roger Williams University, I realized that it is okay to ask for help. The office staff are ready and willing from the moment you walk on campus to the moment you leave to help you through the process if you choose to use our services. As a student registered with SAS, I experienced this welcoming atmosphere first hand. When you walk into SAS you will know that we are there to help you to the best of our abilities. We know how chaotic freshmen year—and the rest of your college years—can be. We are equipped to help guide you through it. And now, as a student who uses the SAS services and is an Office Assistant, I can say that coming early is a great start and coming as often as you think you need to is a great way to continue to form a relationship with the staff and students in SAS.

One thing I wish I had realized going into college is that just because you are in college does not mean you need to do everything on your own. I came to this realization when I entered the SAS office. SAS allows students the freedom to take responsibility and play an active role in their own education while making it clear that they are still here to give them the tools and skills to make college a rewarding experience.