School of Justice Studies Programs

RWU’s School of Justice Studies offers four majors each leading to a Bachelor of Science degree as well as three Master of Science degrees. In addition, SJS offers a 3+3 Program leading to a BS in Legal Studies and Juris Doctor from RWU Law in six years, and a 4+1 Program leading to both a BS and MS in Criminal Justice in just five years. The School of Justice Studies also has several minors and a certificate in Digital Forensics.


  • Cloud Computing

    This intensive, career-oriented certificate prepares students to harness the power of innovative cloud technology to transform the future of digital infrastructure.

  • Criminal Justice

    RWU’s interdisciplinary Criminal Justice program combines courses in policing, corrections and procedure with studies in the social sciences to introduce you to the theory and practice of criminal law and the moral complexity of the criminal justice system. Along with internships and the guidance of our faculty of experienced practitioners, you’ll be prepared for careers such as law enforcement, counseling and probation or to advance into graduate study or law school.

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  • Cybersecurity

    As technology threats continue to grow worldwide, so does the demand for highly trained cybersecurity experts. RWU’s Cybersecurity degree combines technical skills, situational management and problem solving to train you for a career in information security. Created in partnership with industry professionals, this cutting-edge program is taught online using virtual environments to simulate the operating systems that you’ll monitor on the job.

  • Cybersecurity & Networking

    The B.S. in Cybersecurity and Networking program is a four (4) year undergraduate Bachelor of Science program designed to meet the increasing professional needs of the Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense industries.

  • Cyberspecialist

    This graduate certificate explores the highly technical aspects of cybersecurity in areas of advanced cryptography, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and intrusion detection.



  • Digital Forensics

    Study the growing field of Digital Forensics at RWU, where students learn how to solve computer crimes like viruses, data sabotage and financial fraud. You’ll discover how investigators acquire, analyze and manage evidence collected from computers and mobile devices, as well as how to present this evidence in court.



  • Forensic Science

    At RWU, our rigorous interdisciplinary Forensic Science program pairs legal courses with a strong scientific background in either biology or chemistry to teach you about the crucial role forensic science plays in criminal justice. You’ll learn how to examine, analyze and testify about physical evidence, which will prepare you for a career as a forensic science technician in a laboratory, hospital, university, medical examiner’s office or police department.


  • Leadership

    When you study Leadership at RWU, you aren’t just investing in your communication, negotiation and accountability skills. Our Leadership students go on to create high-performance organizations that use creativity, innovation and improvisation to adapt to the new challenges of our globalized, technological 21st century world. The dynamic leadership techniques and methods you learn through this program can help any organization succeed.

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  • Legal Studies

    In Legal Studies, you’ll develop the critical and analytical thinking, writing and reasoning skills necessary to examine all perspectives on issues. Our students study topics like ethics, conflict resolution and social justice to understand the profound effect of the law on people’s everyday experiences. Combined with a required second major and advising from attorney faculty members, you’ll be prepared for law school or a legal career such as a mediator, court reporter or claims examiner.


  • Public Administration (MPA)

    Uniquely set in the School of Justice Studies, RWU’s Public Administration program emphasizes accountability, transparency, ethics, privacy and participation -- values that will define your management career in government or nonprofits. By analyzing public policy, you’ll learn how to bring together diverse groups and find solutions to critical social issues, preparing you to work in a broad range of fields including healthcare, environment, fundraising and homeland security.

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  • Public Management

    When you study Public Management at RWU, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge to become a manager in the public sector. The program offers classes in a range of areas, from ethics and public law to grant writing and program evaluations. Whether you earn this certificate on its own or as part of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, you’ll develop the values of accountability, transparency, ethics, privacy and participation that are core to any government or nonprofit career.

    Hybrid, Online


  • Security Assurance Studies

    Security in the 21st century transcends law enforcement and government service to encompass many disciplines -- and many avenues to career success. As a Security Assurance Studies major, you’ll learn how to become a security professional who makes sound decisions in the face of dynamic local, national and global issues. This broad interdisciplinary program allows you to specialize in the area of security that interests you most, whether that’s foreign languages or computer science.