Cybersecurity & Networking

Designed and taught in collaboration with industry experts, RWU’s cutting-edge Cybersecurity & Networking program trains the next generation of high-demand information security specialists to protect the computer networks we rely on every day. With courses that cover technology security and networking skills combined with a specialized focus area like digital forensics or audits -- all taught through hands-on study in our Forensics and Networking Security lab -- you’ll learn how to solve issues like hacking, cyberattacks and internal threats for any organization.

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Degree Requirements

This program provides students with the opportunity to study aspects of computing and technology related to TCP/ IP networking, telecommunication, and computer security.

This program focuses on hands-on knowledge of computers, routers, switches, and other technologies as a basis for study and adds a security focus to provide insight into the technology needs of modern corporations who deal with both hacking, internal threats, error and audit as part of the IT specialization.

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The networking and security minor is available to all students and is designed to provide students with a broad range of courses in cyber security and cyber security related areas.

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