Forensic Science

At RWU, our rigorous interdisciplinary Forensic Science program pairs legal courses with a strong scientific background in either biology or chemistry to teach you about the crucial role forensic science plays in criminal justice. You’ll learn how to examine, analyze and testify about physical evidence, which will prepare you for a career as a forensic science technician in a laboratory, hospital, university, medical examiner’s office or police department.

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The Forensic Science Major

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Forensic Science is an interdisciplinary degree program which provides students the opportunity to select either a track in biology or chemistry while pursuing courses in criminal justice. This approach provides both the applied and theoretical knowledge for our students so that they are qualified and prepared to pursue a variety of careers in forensics.

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Inside the Crime Lab: Getting a Foot in the Door

Rebecca Millard, RWU Class of 2018
Forensic Science

Forensic science major Rebecca Millard got a real-world taste of crime-scene investigation working with a faculty member at the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory this summer. It gave her an edge at getting into Boston University’s School of Medicine for Biomedical Forensic Science.

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​​​​RISE STEM Scholarship at RWU

Student working in the Rhode Island Crime Lab.RWU offers a scholarship opportunity for students interested in majoring in math, sciences, engineering, computer science or forensic science. Learn about the National Science Foundation RISE Scholars program, which recognizes, supports and empowers a group of academically talented students with financial need as they prepare to enter Research and Industry in Science and Engineering (RISE).

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