Our Students

cello student RWUMusic students at Roger Williams University include those interested in playing classical music, jazz, rock, or simply understanding more about this art form that they love. Whether studying the role of music in Latin America or Asia, learning about the progression of rock from Elvis to the Beatles to the Red Hot Chile Peppers, or taking private lessons with professional musicians, the RWU Music Program opens doors to music for all of its students.

 The Music Program accepts students as Majors without an audition, working to develop the abilities of all through private lessons, ensembles, and a 4-course series in music theory and composition. We also welcome those whose love of music is not primarily performing, but rather an interest in music business and technology, composing, music therapy, and music as part of film and theatre.

guitar studentCome join our talented students to create a network of music throughout campus-- in recitals, ensemble concerts, at the annual Academic Showcase, in open mic sessions for the Musicians Guild, in our student-run a capella groups. Join our classroom explorations into the culture of Brazilian samba, Cuban son, Indian ragas, Japanese koto, the gypsy music of Europe. Learn about the great classical composers of the past, and the evolution of rock over the past half century.


For questions on Music Theory and Composition, contact Professor Elliott McKinley

For questions on Instrumental Ensemble, Music Lessons, and Music History, contact Assistant Professor Catherine Hawkes

For questions on World Culture Through Music courses and the Senior Capstone Project, contact Professor Marilynn Mair

For question on the RWU Chorus, contact Adjunct Professor Joseph Amante

For question on applying to the Music Program, contact Assistant Professor Catherine Hawkes at chawkes@rwu.edu  or (401) 254-5745.

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